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Display a picture of missionaries. Ask the children what missionaries do. Share the following story or one from the Friend or Liahona: “One day two missionaries knocked on the door of a home. A woman named Mrs. James opened the door. The missionaries told her they were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mrs. James invited the missionaries in and told them she would like to learn more about the Church. . . . Mrs. James told the missionaries that she used to live next door to a family that belonged to the Church. She said the children in that family were always very polite and kind. They played fairly with everyone and treated other people’s property with respect. Mrs. James said she would like to learn about a church that taught those children to be such nice neighbors” (Primary 2, 52). Ask: “How were the children who lived next to Mrs. James missionaries?” Explain that whenever we live the gospel we are being missionaries. Invite the children to say with you “Living the gospel helps me to be a missionary now,” emphasizing the word now.

 (singing a song and discussing gospel standards): Make 13 cards, each with one of “My Gospel Standards” written on it (see “Sharing Time: Keep the Commandments,” Friend, June 2006, 36). Hand out some of the cards to the children, and have them pass the cards to one another while everyone sings “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (CS, 168). When the song ends, have each child holding a card read the standard aloud and then share how living that standard will help him or her be a missionary now. Repeat, using different cards each time.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (setting goals): Ask each child to choose one gospel standard they will try to live better in the coming week. Have them write or draw a picture of the standard on a piece of paper and look at it each day as a reminder. Invite them to report their experiences next week in Primary.

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- I only have Junior Primary age children in my Primary right now, so to make the story more age appropriate and entertaining, I chose to make Popsicle stick puppets to act out the stories. I crouched behind a small table covered in a tablecloth for my puppet theatre.  I decided to start with the story of Ammon serving King Lamoni. The church website has popsicle stick/flannel board figures on their website. Here is the link to the Ammon ones.  (Shared by Christa Cook)

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