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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE AND ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Tell the children that they can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere. Have them look up Alma 33:3–9. Read the verses together and have the children raise their hands each time they hear a place where Zenos prayed. Write these places on the board. Help the children understand what these places would mean to them today by creating wordstrips for the modern-day equivalents of them (for example, a place where you have felt lost or alone for “wilderness”; yard, playground, or park for “field”; and our classes and meetings at church for “congregations”). Ask the children to match the wordstrips to the corresponding words on the board.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing prayer): Divide the children into groups and ask them to share experiences when they have prayed in the places Zenos mentioned.

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August Sharing Time Ideas by Jill


Comments (5)
  • Leah Mae  - Sharing Time Ideas

    I've posted about my ideas on my blog here august-sharing-time-week-2.html

    I've also made up some print-outs using the places Zenos prayed and places we can pray with some clipart.

    Have a wonderful Sharing Time,

  •  - Jill's Sharing time

    Here is what I came up with for this week. files/aug_week2_13_pray_often.pdf

    or you can find it on the main page of

  • Jennifer Rybicki  - Conference Talk

    This conference talk is perfect to go with this lesson. can-pray-to-heavenly-father-anytime-anywhere? lang=eng

  • Michele  - Pictionary

    I'm going to follow the first part of the sharing time lesson. Then I'm going to do Pictionary. I'm going to have premade cards telling them what to draw. They will be drawing places that they can pray. After the kids guess then I will tell a story from the friend as an example of praying at school at the park etc..

  • Sarah  - Trying on shoes

    Our primary loves to dress up. I'm going to adapt number 2 from here: prayer?lang=eng

    Either bring different shoes for scripture stories about prayer (sandals for Daniel, fancy high heels for Esther, hiking boots for Enos) or different shoes that represent where they can pray (heels for church, slippers for home, sneakers for play etc). Not sure which one yet...

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