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(looking at pictures): Show a picture of baptism and a picture of the sacrament and ask how the two pictures are related. Remind the children that we make covenants with Heavenly Father when we are baptized, and explain that when we take the sacrament we renew our baptismal covenants.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (listening and discussing): Invite the children to point either to themselves or to heaven to identify who is making the promise as you read the following statements from the sacrament prayer (see D&C 20:77): “take upon them the name of thy Son”; “always remember him”; “keep his commandments”; “always have of each phrase.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (doing actions): Ask the children to think of an action to remind them of each part of the covenant we hear in the sacrament prayer, such as placing their hand on their heart (take upon them the name of thy Son); pointing to their forehead (always remember him); opening their hands like a book (keep his commandments); and wrapping their arms around themselves (always have his Spirit). Repeat all four promises with the actions several times. Encourage the children to review these actions in their minds when they hear the sacrament prayers.

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- The 3rd week in June lesson is all about the sacrament. This lesson fit in perfectly with the Duty to God requirements for Deacon, Teacher and Priest. I plan on talking about the correlation between baptism and the sacrament, but then I also plan on having each of the boys come in and discuss their role in the sacrament, and ways they can show reverence and remember the Savior. I have attached the letter I will give them. I will use three boys for junior primary and a different three for senior primary. This way more boys can accomplish and pass off their Duty to God. My Young Men's president LOVED this idea!  [Click here to open letter] (Idea shared by Athena Vander Meyden / ga05172013)

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