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Before Primary, cut two large footsteps out of different colors of paper. Write on one “being baptized and confirmed” and on the other “and keeping my baptismal covenants.” Prepare several smaller footsteps in both colors. Write one of the following on each footstep of the first color: 8 years old, repent, interview with the bishop, immersion, priesthood authority, covenant, white clothing, Holy Ghost. On each small footstep of the second color, write one of the standards from “My Gospel Standards.” Randomly place all the small footsteps around the room.

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Write on the board “I will follow Jesus Christ by . . .” Place the large footsteps on the board, one at a time, and read them together. Explain that these are necessary steps in Heavenly Father’s plan. If necessary, help the children understand what a baptismal covenant is.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (playing a matching game): Ask a child to find one of the footsteps of the first color. Ask him or her to read the word or phrase on the footstep and place it on the board under the matching large footstep. Ask the children what this has to do with baptism and confirmation. Repeat with all the footsteps of the first color. Ask him or her to read the word or phrase on the footstep and place it on the board under the matching large footstep. Discuss how living the gospel standard listed on the footstep will help the children keep their baptismal covenants. Repeat with the other footsteps.

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- Enlarged Footsteps for this sharing time by Sara Schwitzer

- Sofia's Primary Ideas

- Latter-Day Chatter

- Baptismal Covenant Reminder by Brittany Olsen

- Baptism Flower by Sally Reynolds

- Baptism is a sybolism of death by Laurene Knighton

- Baptism, My First Covenant

- Baptism Jeopady by Jennifer Ipsen

- Baptism Jeopardy by Shawna Woodworth

- Baptism Word Scramble by Sherry Langfitt

- I am accountable for my choices

- I took the picture of the young boy being baptized and enlarged it to poster size. I laminated it and then cut it into 12 puzzle pieces. I'm going to put the pieces randomly (back side up) on the board, and then ask the children 12 questions about baptism. When they answer them they can turn over a puzzle piece and assemble it. Our junior primary is really small, so I'm going to let each class have a turn with help from their teachers.  (Idea by Jeanette Waver / ga04272009)

- I used two identical dolls. One the children were able to come up and mark on to show a sin. The second was hidden in a container of water. After they were done marking up the first doll it was time for her to be baptized. I dunked her into the water then used slight of hand and pulled up the second doll. The children loved it. (Idea by Tammy / ga10042008)

- I will follow Jesus Christ by being baptized and confirmed by Katie Poland

- Jesus Christ was baptized

- On the right path

- Plain Words about Baptism: Why is it so important for me to be baptized?

- Sharing Time Ideas by Jill

Comments (10)
  • Annette Stephenson  - One word makes a difference

    I think the 4th sentence of Encourage Understanding and Application should read "Repeat with all the footsteps of the second color." It's the only way I can seem to make it work at all.

  • Leah Mae  - Sharing Time ideas

    There are some wonderful ideas in the Sharing Time outline this week, but if you'd like to examine a few other options that go along with the theme, please check out my blog post! sharing-time-june-week-1-baptism.html

    Good luck with your week!

  • Heather Spangler

    I am planning on going through the "follow me" footsteps idea quickly then tell the kids I have a friend who knows nothing about the church that I want them to meet and explain to her about baptism. Then I will leave, put on a jacket, fake glasses, pull my hair up, and come back in and speak in a funny accent, getting them to talk about what they know about baptism and the church. The the 'friend' will leave.

  • meredith

    This sounds really fun -- I think I'll try it with Senior Primary -- I don't think Junior could handle it!

  • Amy R  - June Week 1

    I'm planning on starting out with a short game of Follow the Leader. Then we'll discuss why the Savior is the perfect example to follow and discuss how we can follow him by being baptized, confirmed, and by keeping our baptismal covenants. With Senior Primary I'm going to focus more on keeping our covenants. I'm giving them a copy of My Gospel Standards and a sheet of blank footsteps. They will then fill in the steps they can take to keep their covenants. For Junior we'll focus more on preparing for baptism and we'll be playing the matching game suggested in the outline.

  • Anonymous

    Im going to use a rod wrapped in foil representing the iron rod. Then I will tape the footprints on the floor so each child can literally follow the footsteps. Starting the steps is the batized and confirmed.

  • kelly

    i don't know why it took me so long to come up with something this week but here's what i'm going to do for junior primary: have a panel of baptized members (3 of our kids in junior primary have been baptized & we have a teacher who was baptized in her 20s) and have questions taped to the bottom of the chairs asking about their baptism day and what covenants they made. (if possible, i'm going to have them to bring a picture of them on their baptism day). i'll number the questions and let the kids decide if they'd like all panel members to answer their question or just one person to answer. i'm still deciding what to do for senior but want them to be able to talk more about the commitments they made and maybe explain to some of those that haven't been baptized why they made those covenants.

  • Jill  - Week 1 idea

    Hi, here is the idea I came up with this month. June_week1_follow_baptism.pdf

  • Rachel  - Summer Spin

    Make the "footsteps" into "flip-flops"! It is a small change, but it makes the lesson a little more summer appropriate :)

  • Kate  - modified footprints

    I sent in (to sugardoodle) a pdf file that is a modified version of the one included with the Sharing Time Outline. I just added the words from "My Gospel Standards" as directed in the lesson plan. I also made the footprints bigger. If it does not get posted and you are interested I am happy to share with fellow last minuters...
    Just shoot me an email and I will do my best to pass it on..

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