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: Display pictures of Moses, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, and Thomas S. Monson. Tell the

children that these prophets, just like all prophets and apostles, show us how to serve others.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (playing a guessing game): Prepare clues about how Moses, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, and Thomas S. Monson show us how to serve. For example, some clues about President Monson could be “I visited widows from my ward regularly,” “When I was a boy I gave another boy one of my favorite toys,” and “I often visit people who are in hospitals.” You may want to use the following references to prepare the clues. Moses: Exodus 2:16–17; 1 Nephi 17:24–29. King Benjamin: Mosiah 2:12–19. Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith—History 1:62, 67; D&C 135:3. Thomas S. Monson: Ensign, Sept. 1994, 12–17; Dec. 1995, 2–4; Nov. 2006, 56–59. Choose four children to represent these prophets, and invite one of them to read the clues you have prepared. Invite the other children to raise their hands when they think they know who the prophet is. Then have them find the picture of that prophet. Repeat with the other prophets.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (listening to conference): Invite the children to watch or listen to general conference next month. Encourage them to listen for stories about how to serve others. Give them opportunities to share what they learn.

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  • Angela Jones  - Pass it On

    Here's a link to the video, "Pass It On" where President Monson talks about children doing service for his birthday. videos/other?lang=eng&query=pass#pass-it-on

  • Leah Mae  - sharing time ideas

    I've blogged about some ideas that go along with the Sharing Time Outline this week and done up a free printable for it. september-sharing-time-week-2.html

    Have a great week!

  • Liz  - can't get the pdf

    Thanks, Leah. I love your idea for week 2. I would love to look at your clues, but I can't get the pdf to work. Could you email it to me?

  • Carol Davis  - pdf with clues

    Leah- Love your ideas but I could not open the pdf either. Could you also email it to me? Thanks!!

  • Michelle  - how to read the pdf

    I couldn't read the pdf at first either, but then I signed in, up at the top right corner, and then the pdf was there for me to download/print/read.

  • Anonymous

    I did this and it's still not working?

  • Eve Ellsworth  - Opening link

    There's an accidental space between the forward slash and the word September in the link. Get rid of that and press enter, and it should open.

  • LeahZ  - Follow the Prophets

    For each child in junior primary, I am going to write a verse to Follow the Prophet describing how he or she can serve the Lord. I'll sing the verse and the kids will march and sign the chorus with me.

    For senior, I am going to give them a story about President Monson and ask them to write a verse based on the story.

    I wrote this verse to teach to both junior and senior:

    We have General Conference in just four more weeks.
    We will get to hear the modern prophets speak.
    They will give us counsel specific to our day.
    You can serve the Lord when you listen and obey.

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