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Comments (5)
  • Ladawn Rasmussen

    You're so great to provide this! Thanks a million! I'm so impressed and appreciative. LR

  • David Hill

    Let me know about (2) weeks before you need it and I'll get the lesson ready for you, if I don't already have it. (or at least I'll try) - dh

  • joanne malcarne  - pictures in your lessons

    I love your ideas and presentation
    Is there a web site I can down load the pictures in the lesson.
    Lesson 2 had wonderful pictures of the "plan of salvation"
    I wanted to make the pictures larger without the words on the page.
    but couldn't figure out how to use just the pictures.
    Thank you for the time you spend creating this.

  • David Hill

    Hi Joanne, Most of the pictures, videos etc, come from Search under Gospel Art as well as, New Testament Stories, Old Testament Stories, Book of Mormon Stories, and Doctrine and Covenant Stories. You should also be able to pull the pictures off in power point. Good luck - dh

  • wendy  - Thank you!

    :) Thankyou so much for sharing your hard work! My class loves these presentations! They add so much to our lessons! Thankyou again for giving so freely.... :)

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