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Note:  If you have problem downloading these to your computer, right click on "CLICK HERE", then click on "Save Link as" and indicate where you want to save it.  Be sure to save all these files in the same directory (Set up a new directory for each lesson)

Comments (3)
  • Ed Simpson  - Trouble downloading on a disk

    We have copied your powerpoints in the past and some of them work and some dont. LESSON 4 and 5 worked but lesson 6 and 7 won't work. Do you know why its not working again. We have had this problem a couple of times in the past. Is there anything we can do that will work?

  • David Hill

    Ed, I don't know why there seems to be problems this year. You are not the only one that has commented about having problems downloading powerpoints. I save them the same each week yet there sometimes is a problem. Did you try what's written in the note above (Right clicking your mouse on the "click here" above). Read the note above, try it and let me know if that works for you. - dh

  • Mike Thompson  - Power Points


    These are very helpful. My class loves them, and they enjoy having pictures and text to help them understand the lesson. I look forward to how you've created a new lesson each week.


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