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  David Writes: There is no video or music files used in this weeks Power Points.

Note:  If you have problem downloading these to your computer, right click on "CLICK HERE", then click on "Save Link as" and indicate where you want to save it.  Be sure to save all these files in the same directory (Set up a new directory for each lesson)


Comments (11)
  • Carol Richmond  - Session time out for PowerPoint presentation

    Hello David, firstly I would like to thank you for the terrific PowerPoint presentations that you have done for our primary lessons. I have really been grateful for the helps for my lessons. Now the problem, the last few weeks when I have tried to access it for my lesson at church I am getting the session timeout message so all your hard work is all for nothing. At first I thought it was my laptop but this week I asked someone to check theirs and they had the same thing. It seems the church is blocking the site. How can we get round this problem? It does seem weird when we are trying to teach the children using the videos and other material you supply that it is blocked.

    Kind regards


  • David Hill

    Hi Carol, Right click on the "Click Here" above that you want to download, then click on "Save Link as" and specify where on your hard drive you want to put the files. You need to put all the files in the same lesson directory. I'd recommend a different directory for each lesson. These power points were never intended to work with the internet. They were always meant to be hard drive contained. This should solve your dilemma. dh

  • Karen  - Presentation on iPad

    Can the presentations be saved on an iPad? I've had a similar problem trying to use the internet at church--apparently they limit the number of people who can be on the server at one time. I don't use a laptop but have sometimes used an ipad--if they could be saved on the iPad, that would be helpful.

    Thanks for all your great work

  • David Hill

    If the ipad works like a computer, there shouldn't be any reason not to download it to an ipad too. (I don't have an ipad, I'm not sure what it's limitation is.)

  • Amy Short  - Thank You!

    This is amazing and I wanted to say Thank You!

  • Sister V  - Amazing

    Hello David. I don't even have a laptop, but I still look over your powerpoints each week. You are amazing! Seriously, the amount of time you dedicate is really admirable. Thanks for all that you do!

  • Jacqueline L Hourie  - Lesson Five : Joseph Smith recieves the gold plat

    I was so excited when I found your power points I also prepared the exact measurements for my class on the gold plates to help them understand just how wide and long they where also how thick,I also cut out cardboard to put tin foil on them to get my class to write on them so they can get the expierence that Joseph Smith felt....Thank You so much !

  • David Hill

    I just found I had the text on several slides duplicated. This has now been corrected, but it is already 10:20 on 2/3/13 so many people have already downloaded the previous version. Sorry for the inconvenience. - dh

  • Steve Childers  - To those who need to show David’s PowerPoint on an

    I have downloaded and played many of David’s lessons on my Ipad. It does work. In my class I will usually connect my Ipad up to a larger computer monitor (using a VGA adapter) you can also do it with your Iphone.
    Download the powerpoint to your ipad

    1. I use an app called “Downloads for ipad – Download Manager”

    2. Use this app’s internet browser to find David’s webpage that has his links

    3. Don’t just touch the link…. Hold it down with your finger then a box will open… one of the options will say “Download”

    4. Touch the download option…

    5. “Save as” will pop up…. Touch “Done”

    6. On the bottom of your screen touch the “downloads” icon

    7. You will see on top of the page the powerpoint file you are downloading.

    8. Touch the powerpoint file…. When the box pops up touch.. “Show in File Manager”

    9. This will bring you to the file manager where all of the files you have downloaded are. Click on the “blue arrow” to the right of your powerpoint

    10. Touch… “Open In”

    11. A new ...

  • Steven Keller  - Thank You!

    I am teaching 10 lively boys this year in Primary 5. Your PowerPoint lessons are a tremendous asset. They are wonderful for keeping the boys attention and drive home the core of the lesson. I am most grateful for your computer and PowerPoint skills. In the end each lesson is about instilling faith and testimony in the youth of the church. With your presentations, I feel I am doing just that. Thanks again.
    Steve Keller

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