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Note:  If you have problem downloading these to your computer, right click on "CLICK HERE", then click on "Save Link as" and indicate where you want to save it.  Be sure to save all these files in the same directory (Set up a new directory for each lesson)

Comments (13)
  • RobinScott  - Thank you

    Am loving your Power points. The children are so good.

  • TD  - Thank You

    Your PDF files are so helpful. The children love watching the video and it keeps my husband and I on track and very organized. Bless you for helping our primary class and making it a successful year.

  • Margo  - Thank You

    I love the powerpoints, it is so time-saving to be able to download them from this site rather than have to create them myself each week.

    One caution--I have run into 1 or 2 bullet points each week where the language would indicate the need for a change to the sentence that was not made. Like "remind the children that Joseph was only 17 years old..." should be changed to "Remember that Joseph was only 17 years old..." so that it can be read as it is. My class is very bright and think it's amusing when I accidentally leave those in. So proofread carefully.

  • David Hill

    Margo, You found my weakness, Spelling and proffing. I try to do both, but as you pointed out, sometimes it makes it thru. I'll try to keep more aware. Thank you for letting me know. dh

  • David Hill

    Margo, I just did a re-proof and corrected a couple of those "amusements" for your class in this lesson. again, thanks for letting me know. - dh

  • Amy Oakes  - Thanks

    I have been using these every week!! Thanks so much for your time in making these :) :cheer:

  • Sally Boman

    Thank you for making the power points! My class loves them and so do I!

  • Jules Snarr  - Music Director k-12

    I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH YOUR POWERPOINTS!!! Holy grateful batman!!! Question (you may not know the answer). Is there anyway to upload your video presentations onto my hard drive, on the off chance that the wi-fi isn't working in the church?? Would you know how to do that??

    Thank you for making my life so incredibly easy on Sundays!!!

  • David Hill

    Jules, If you right click on the "Click Here" above and then click on "Save Link as" you can put it on your hard drive where you want. These power points are not suppose to need wi-fi access to run. They just need to be all in the same directory. Have fun - dh

  • David Hill

    You can also get them from under Doctrine and Covenant Stories. - dh


    Thank you for sharing your lesson plan. I am not sure I could do as well, but the fact that you are willing to share these with us is so amazing and makes Sunday School for the kids so enjoyable. You are amazing. Thanks again.

  • NWolfgramm  - Thank you David...

    Thank you so much for sharing. I used it today. The kids really enjoyed it.

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