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Note:  Music files are part of the power point presentation and are included as for those that may want it.

Comments (8)
  • sally

    How do I use this presentation in my class?

  • David Hill

    If you have a laptop, with power point or power point viewer on it, you start the presentation and let your students watch it. What I do is bring an extra monitor so I can watch the Laptop, the class can watch the monitor, and I can also see the class at the same time. If you hit the spacebar or page down on your laptop, it advances to the next slide in the presentation. If you use an Ipod, you may want to use the PDF version if you don't have power point. Have fun - dh

  • Jaylene Nix  - Thanks!

    Whoa! Impressive! Thanks for all of this work! I may just have to try this! jn


    Are you from lakeland fla.

  • David Hill

    You may need to right click on the "click here" and then click on the "save link as" and put on your computer. Just be sure to save it all in the save directory - dh

  • sally

    Thanks for answering me. I have 8 young CTR children in my class and all at different levels of reading to not reading yet. So i thought this would be a good way of teaching them, making a point and also keeping their interest. Thanks for the info. Sally

  • Jason  - Thanks

    It's obvious that a lot of work went into putting this together and it has some good things that teachers could use in preparing their lesson, but I would not recommend giving this presentation to a primary class the way you would give a presentation to a business meeting. Even for kids that can read well, this presentation is WAY too text heavy. Image going to adult Sunday school and the teacher just sat there and read everything out of the manual word for word - boring! That's exactly what this is, just in PPT instead of in a manual. Having this many words on a slide isn't recommended for any presentation, whether to kids or adults in any setting. Showing your kids a screen of text will not help or encourage them to read, it will bore them to tears and they will stop paying attention and try to entertain themselves. Show me some slides that have editable animation so a kid can click a button and spin a wheel to choose the opening hymn or some images that I can quickly add photos o...

  • David Hill

    Jason - Thank you for your feedback. You are correct that this is the manual in power point format. There are some additional graphic/pictures added. In some lessons, there can even be some video/slide stories added, but not in this one. Each teacher presents there class materials to tailor to there classes. Feel free to edit these power points to fit your classes. I will try to keep your suggestions in mind for future lessons. - dh

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