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Note:  The music file is already part of the Power Point Presentation.  It is included here for those that want it.


David writes:  This is an experiment.  As long as my time allows, I plan on trying to provide power point presentations each week.  Those that use them are welcome to tweak them as they may want to to fit their classes.  Thanks goes to C.T. for making the suggestion for she used the Primary 4 power points and is moving to the CTR  7 class this year.

Comments (17)
  • Carol Taylor  - Just Got Your Message Re: CTR 7

    Hi David,
    I just saw a separate e-mail that you wrote about doing the power point for the younger children!!! I am elated and so thankful for your kindness....the children will love this!!
    My e-mail from just a few minutes ago doesn't reflect what I read later as I searched through the CTR website.

    My thanks are tripled!!
    Carol Taylor

  • David Hill  - Just got your message Re: CTR 7

    You are welcome. I'm glad to do what I can to help. If you see something that you would like to see changed or improved, please let me know and I'll do what I can to help. dh :)

  • Sarah Grimmer

    David thank you so much for the powerpoints...I used them EVERY Sunday last year in my CTR 8 class and I am not teaching CTR glad you are doing powerpoints for the younger classes too.

  • David Hill

    Sarah, I enjoy doing these. I teach 10/11 year olds, so the Junior Primary lessons is just a labor of love for those who want them.

  • sally

    Just found this powerpoint presentation. How do you use it? It's new to me.

  • David Hill

    To use the power points, download the version that works with your program. (.pptx for later versions of the program or .ppt for earlier versions) Then download the music and video files. Load them all into the same directory on your computer. It should work from that point on. If you don't have the powerpoint program, a pdf version is included so you can still show the slides. You need to refer to the manual as well and taylor it to your class as you see fit. This does not take the place of the Manual, but it comes straight out of the manual. Let me know if you have any problems. Enjoy - dh

  • Anonymous

    I just found these slides for the first time. They will be a wonderful tool. Thank you so much.

  • LR  - Thank you!

    This is great to have this as an option. My class is CTR7. I plan to use this right away with lesson 1, but then will go on to teach lessons 11, 13, 21, 32 and 33 (as advised in the manual) before our first scheduled baptism. We'll almost be back on track by Easter~ after that I'll just switch out the baptism lessons with the remaining missed lessons. Again, thank you. I think the younger kids will eat this up. You are so kind and generous to provide this tool. Love it! LR

  • David Hill

    Hey LR. Thank you for letting me know about this. I don't have a manual, I use the on-line manual for the lessons. I have just checked to see what the manual recomends. I see where it recomends one or more of the lessons on baptism be covered before any 7 year old in your class is baptised. I'll see what I can do to help you out here, by getting the 5 lessons you mentioned above done quicker than the lesson order I was going in. dh

  • Sheri  - Thank You

    :cheer: Thank you.... I taught 10 year olds last year and have been moved to the 4 year olds. I love these little ones but was rather fearful of teaching in a way they will be interested in. The older kids loved the power points. The presentations for the younger ones are a true lifeline!

  • LR  - baptism lessons

    You're awesome for providing your power point lessons so generously. As per our recent exchange, the manual (under Helps for the Teacher, Preparing for Baptism) suggests teaching at least some of the lessons on baptism, which they list as lessons 11, 13, 21, 32 and 33, before the first child in the class is baptized. This helps ensure that each child recognizes and understands the importance and committment made in the step they are taking. I applaud you and your contributions. Thanks.

    Ladawn (LR)

  • David Hill

    Thanks for the update, I'll see what I can do to help. - dh

  • Diane  - sound

    Thank you so much for your power point. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it.
    Is there a way I can turn the music off for most of the slides, but keep it on for the song Choose the Right?

  • David Hill

    The song files are only suppose to play on the slide they start on. The slide before and after are set up to shut the music off. If this isn't happening then just turn the volune down (as a quick fix). If you let me know when you find where it wouldn't shut off, let me know and I'll check out my files to see what's up. ( Thanks - dh

  • Staci  - So excited!

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this! I taught the 7 year olds last year and got so lost and confused during the lessons (the kids were so crazy!) This year I am teaching the 4 year olds. I got a new ipad for Christmas and found your awesome presentations. I was trying to figure out how to play a power point presentation on my ipad and then realized that you already had them in pdf format so I can easily use them on my ipad. Thank you so much! You are a blessing to me. Staci

  • Harmonie  - ppt for the youngens

    David, Woo Hoo! so excited that you are doing these for the little ones. Just found out this week we were moved from 10/11 yr olds to 4 year olds! I knew how, with your help to teach the 10/11 but no clue on the 4. Thank you so much for all the time you have dedicated to helping so many of us.

  • crystal  - Thank you!!!

    You are amazing. Thank you so much!

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