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David Writes "This is a game with Book of Mormon questions and answers.  It plays like that famous game hosted by Alex Trebeck.  I had some help developing the questions in that half of them were from my wife Jan.  We are both primary teachers covering age 9 thru 11 in primary.  We are using this for the last week of lessons as a review of the things we covered during the year.  Hope you have fun with it.

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  • Jennifer Loftus  - lesson cards

    I want to thank you for all the lesson helps on teaching the Book of Mormon to our kids. These extras have made my lessons so much more fun and informative for the kids. For Christmas I want to make them each their own full book of lesson cards. Are you going to add lessons 44 through 46? Again, I have truly appreciated all the hard work you have done in preparing and doing research to find these treasures.

  • David Hill

    I only do the powerpoints, someone else does the lesson cards. You may want to repost your request above to the lesson site or the lesson card page so that person will see your request. dh

  • Craig Blair  - Jeopardy Game


    I've used your PP presentations and the kids love them...Thanks. Now want to use your Jeopardy game, but I can't get it to work on my MAC. All your previous offers included versions that converted nicely. Can you help me get this into Keynote?



  • David Hill  - re: Jeopardy Game


    I don't think I did anything different than in past weeks. Let me know if you find something different and I will try to help fix it. I don't know anything about Mac's. :(

  • Libbie  - Jeopardy & Mac

    I have a mac and the jeopardy Game is working for me.

    David, You are wonderful to do this every week. It is such a time saver for us. It is great how it follow the manual to a T. Just helps the kids learn better because it involves so much more of their senses. Thanks again and I hope you never get released! (At least not until after I do). B)

  • David Hill

    Never is such a long time, but as long as I'm able too, I plan on continuing with the power points. Already have the first 4 posted for 2013. :)

  • Carol Taylor  - Thank you David!

    I want to say thank you again for all your beautiful power point presentations....they have been fantastic. I look forward to using the end of year game.
    My husband and I will now be teaching the CTR 7 class. Do you know of anyone who does power point for that age group? It would be such a blessing to the younger children who love the visual presentations. We used a part of your lesson when we were asked to teach the age 7 group to fill in for the teacher who was sick. We just used your power point and they related to every bit of it! We were so impressed with how they learned from the power point you did for the Valiant Class. Thank you for all you have done for 2012 and we know the teachers will love your 2013 presentations. I so wish we could continue with your power point lessons. We will miss them so much.
    Happy New Year to you!
    Carol Taylor

  • David Hill

    I have not been able to locate any videos that go along with the Primary 3 lesson book like were used in Primary 4 lessons, but I am putting power points together for that age group. Lessons 1, 2, 3, & 4 are already posted. I can't grant every request. But with yours, I get to be more creative and be helpful at the same time, enjoy. dh

  • Jeri  - WOW - THANKS for all your effort!

    Your powerpoint for the Book of Mormon review is fabulous. It is exactly what we were looking for to finish out our year in Primary. I was beginning to make one myself when I found yours. . . .now I can use this terrific one and concentrate on the jr. primary activity. You're very appreciated!

  • Heather  - Thank you SO much

    This is exactly what I was hoping to find for my last lesson. You read my mind. I can't thank you enough for your efforts. With a full time job, family, and primary every week, you've provided an amazing service for those of us who struggle to fit it all in. Bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much David Hill for the Jeopardy game I was looking to do something similar for mine, but I love the format of yours. Thanks for the past power points as well. I know I learn from them too.

  • Kelly Jensen  - David

    David, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your time and talents. Your PowerPoints make lessons much more engaging. I'll be using the game as well! Thanks again!

  • Heather

    I am new teacher called in an overseas branch and my ages range from 8 to 12. Although I have taught many ages over the years I find it beneficial for myself and students if I can find new and exciting ways to teach the principles.
    Your end of year game is fantastic and exactly what I needed since I was handed the manual and told I was on my own until the beginning of next year since they had already used all the lessons.
    I know many have thanked you but I am going to do it again. Thank You! It is truly amazing to me that people will sacrifice their times and talents to bless so many other people.

  • Doniel  - Thank you

    Thank you so much, David. All your hard work has saved my bacon this year! I truly appreciate all the time and talent you dedicate to this valuable venture!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you David!

  • Anonymous  - Thank you!

    Thank you for taking the time to make the ppt's this year. As a school teacher, I know the time it takes to put these together. Also, I love the Jeopardy game. I was wondering what I was going to do for the last lesson. :)

  • Doug  - Thanks David

    Much appreciated!

  • Barbara  - Thank You

    Thank you so much, David Hill, for putting together the Jeopardy Game for the last lesson review. Ditto to what the others are saying. You ready my mind also, as I was thinking of doing the same thing. You saved me a ton of work too and this is fabulous! I'm a new user of this website and so far, I love it. Thanks!

  • Morrigan  - YOU ROCK DAVID HILL!

    THANK YOU DAVID HILL & CO. :) You did amazing work and my primary class really enjoyed each lesson. Hope to see you again next year for D&C :)

  • Samarah  - Brilliant

    This is just amazing -- our entire class has loved your powerpoint presentations throughout the year~ Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Much love-
    Samarah :)

  • Anonymous  - Answers to Jeopardy

    How do we get the Answer's to Jeopardy game,if you click answer it does not show anything? I know most of answers but not all of them. Such a fun game, great idea! :)

  • David Hill

    It is suppose to work that when you click "Answer", it jumps to the answer. The Answers are further down in the presentation. You can match the slides with what's on the top of the slide. On the Answer slide, you click "back" to get back to the main gameboard. dh

  • Jenny  - THANK YOU

    Thanks, I am excited to see what is up and coming for next year? Wish I understood Primary better. Do you know what book we teach out of next year? I teach the 9 turning 10 year olds.

  • David Hill

    Jenny, The Senior Primary (Valiants) are working on Doctrine and Covenants (Primary 5). The Junior Primary is working out of CTR B manual. (This is also found at dh

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