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  Here are some activity ideas based around Valentine's Day.
  If you have others you would like to add, e-mail them to me.

 Cookie Lollipops - Make cookies and put a sucker stick in each one.  Decorate and place them into small plastic bags (you could use sandwich baggies).  Tie with ribbon. (You could also do this with popcorn balls instead of cookies).
 Faith in God Valentine Printable for the girls

 Crepe Purses - Make crepes and set them aside to cool.  Once they are completely cooled, put various valentine goodies (chocolate kisses, truffles, or even whole strawberries) in the center of the crepe.  Using a thin, pretty, ribbon tie the crepe closed and gather like a package.  You could even use raffia.  
 Service Passports and Fun by Jennifer Peel

 Teach the girls how to make Snow Globe Soaps.  You could adapt this idea by using valentine themed items to go inside.
 Fruit Pizza - Make a fruit pizza in the shape of a heart.  To make a pizza "covered in love" make as you would any other fruit pizza, just shape the crust to be a heart.  Decorate with various fruits.

 Love Note Baskets
 Have the girls bring their favorite children's story book about love (leaders too).  Have the girls make different treats that are lemonade, pink cookies, etc....

 Valentine Heart Garland/Service  
 Heart Attack - Read and discuss the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Then cut out red-pink-white hearts using construction paper.  Glue them to strands of yarn about 5-6 feet in length. Then make a sign that can be taped to a door that says: You've been given a HEART ATTACK by (your names if you want or you can leave it anonymous... because YOU ARE LOVED! Scripture: John 3:16 written out at the bottom of the note. Shaped like a big heart too.  Tape 5-10 strands to the door frame so that all they see is hearts when they open the door .  You could also leave a small basket of candies and/or goodies at the door...Tape the sign to the door and knock and run!  You could heart attack some of the less active girls in your group, widows in your ward, bishop, or whoever your group feels could use a heart attack!
 I loved the idea of "Secret Service Agents". Each girl will be challenged to become a "secret service agent". We will brainstorm ways we can secretly serve at home. Then girls will be given secret service cards to leave at the "scene of service". I will make a file folder for each girl.  It will have a place for their name and a code name of their choosing. There will be a place for them to write our brainstormed ideas and also a place for them to record their secret service acts. Also a pouch for their secret service calling cards. I still have to make these forms up.  Then we will cut and decorate paper valentines for the remainder of our mtg. We will use doilies, markers, stickers, etc. We will also make little Valentine holders to hold candy treats. Then we will go on our first "mission" together, which will be to sneak into the Bishop's office (his wife is a good friend of mine) and decorate his office with hearts and leave treats for him and other Bishopric members. Hopefully the girls will have made enough paper Valentines to take some home to begin their secret service at home. I'm going to ask each girl to bring a bag of Valentine candy to fill the paper Valentine containers. We should have enough for the Bishopric, as well as at least one for each girl to take home and give to someone in their family. (Idea by Kathy in California)
 Ice Cream Heart-wich (Refreshment idea) - Make your favorite sugar cookie dough.  Use food coloring to tint it with pink.  Roll dough out to 1/4" thick and using a 4-5" heart shaped cookie cuter, cut dough into hearts and bake as directed.  Let cool.  Slice vanilla ice cream with heart shaped cookie cutter and immediately place between two cookies making a sandwich.  Roll sides where ice cream is exposed into red and pink candy sprinkles.  You can wrap them with plastic wrap and freeze them or have the girls make them on the spot.
 Incredible Edible Valentines
 Kiss Countdown - To make it place a long sheet of Handi-Wrap (now days they have cute colored and patterned Handi-Wrap) on your kitchen counter.  Down the center of the sheet have them place 14 Hershey's candy "kisses" or "Hugs".  Fold the Hand-Wrap over the candy and separate the individual pieces by typing a piece of ribbon or yarn between each. You could challenge the girls to give a some kind of service each day and "show" their love for others.
 For a Valentine Activity Day idea my mom had her girls cut out a bunch of hearts in different sizes and colors and write what they love about their Bishop and his counselors on them. Then they found someone with a key and went over after school to tape them all over his office door at the Church. Hopefully they are the first thing he sees Sunday morning. (Anonymous / ga02072008)
 Love Buckets - We are decorating "Love Buckets" in our 11 y.o. group the first part of February. We are using #10 cans (the ones our food storage is in), and painting, stenciling, stamping, foam hearts, etc. Then we will put on a wire handle, and the following poem on them:
This little love bucket
is meant to express,
Love from a friend
whom you'll never guess.
Replace the goodie
with a treat from you,
And pass it on to someone
whom you love too.
We will fill them with goodies (or they will do at home), and they will each anonymously deliver it to someone. Maybe I'll bake cookies to put in them while they are painting. I'd love to see them circulate around the ward (in a perfect world maybe....). We could probably count this as a Developing Talent or Serving Others goal.  (Idea by Cyndy Young)
 Make Valentine cards for people in the ward - We did this one year and gave them to some of the widows in our ward.  These ladies loved the fact that the primary children would think of them and do something so nice for them. Along with making the cards you can have them decorate a heart shaped sugar cookie with frosting and candies. This is always fun -- and they can eat them as their treat.  (Idea by Allison)
 Valentine Flowers
 Valentine for the Lord - February is the perfect time to give a special Valentine to the Lord.  This would be an "action valentine".  Have the girls think of a way to improve their selves through action.  For example, doing a secret service for a family member, friend or neighbor.  You can befriend a new classmate at school.  You can resolve to work extra hard at keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  You can commit to speaking more kind words, be reverent in church, etc.  Once each girl has decided on an action Valentine, have them make a Valentine (draw a big heart on paper) and draw a picture of their goal to remind them of their new commitment.  Set a deadline for completing it.  It might be one of the nicest Valentines yet!
 Valentines project - In Serving Others they are to write a letter of appreciation to someone, parent, grandparent etc. I found a neat website for folding cardstock into different kinds of envelopes, boxes etc. There is one called "Secret Heart Card. I will have them write their letters then fold and cut their card and glue in the letter. When you fold up the card, it has two parts of a heart that hook together to close the envelope and create a full heart. It looks pretty cute. I am going to make heart shaped sugar cookies ahead of time and have them decorate them for refreshments and their families. (Idea by Sally Meyer)
 We will be decorating heart-shaped cardboard "hat" boxes with valentine decor (stickers, foam hearts, ribbons, buttons, flowers, feathers, etc.)  The boxes will have a slit cut into the lid large enough to slip in valentine notes.  These will be sent home to be used as  family "love mailboxes."  We will also decorate di-cut hearts to be used as love notes for the box.  (Giselle Mansfield from Highland, Utah / ga01222007)

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