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by Sheridan Steffler / ga12182007


My blocks are made of wood with various colors of paper glued on with Mod-podge medium (available at craft stores). I had seen some Calendar Blocks that my mom had and thought I could do something even better. I do digital scrapbooking - so I have lots of different digital "kits" with coordinating papers, embellishments, etc. I used my photo-editing program to design the papers to go on each block - 0,1,2,3,4,5 on one block and 0,1,2,6,7,8 on the other (the 6 acts as a 9 when turned upside down). With this arrangement, you can have each day of the month shown numerically. It helps you keep track of the days. You can make the blocks any size you like. My husband cut my blocks for me - but they are also available at craft stores.  On some of my blocks, I used alphabets that came with the digital kits, others I just picked fancy fonts.


To date, I have also made a chore block (kids roll to see what they get to do), a relaxation block (sometimes it's work to allow myself to relax), several calendar blocks, and a turn-taking block. There are 6 in our family - so it works out just right. My children are color coded so I used their colors as well as their numbers (position in the family) on the block. That way we can use the block for games that require dice or similar number device (spinners, etc). And it's big enough we won't lose it!

I have also made a recipe card holder - inspired by a local craft store display. This is a piece of wood about 9-1/2 inches long by about 3 inches deep by 2 inches tall. It has a slit cut along the top and holds a piece of sheet metal. You use magnets to hold the recipe in place. I glued decorative papers on to the wood with the Mod-Podge medium, and made the magnets with shrink paper (magnets hot glued on back. The Mod-Podge has instructions for use right on it. Makes it easy! Just before I put the final Mod-podge coat on I ink the edges - it hides mistakes and gives it that shabby/aged look. The Mod-podge protects it.

There are many sources for free digital scrapbooking kits - just google it! Additionally, you could just use various colored papers, wrapping paper, scrapbooking supplies you already have, etc. I have a friend who is coming by soon to do some name blocks. There are so many ideas you could do with just this start. I'm thinking for YW - you could make a value block with all the value colors on it except white - and then you put the various words on the colors (blue would have divine nature written on it) in white! You could make a service idea block...etc.  I've even been to the local DI to find wood "pieces" - little shelves, etc that I could decorate for gifts!


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