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Comments (103)
  • Guest

    Shawna, I have been waiting for your 2013 binder cover. Love it.

    I opened it in Word, but it would not let me edit to type in our Presidency names and phone numbers. Help!

  • Guest

    I love your binder cover!!!!
    I to tried to open your binder cover in all three and nothing opened up??? If you can email it to me would be great either PDF or Word. Will I be able to edit it in word???

  • Guest

    I tried opening it, but it wouldn't let me. I just kept getting internet pages with the codes to them. Any way to email me a copy?


  • Guest

    I´d like to traduce it into spanish but iI can`t edit it in word please help me! I am from Peru and I like too much those ideas. my mail is thanks.

  • Juana Harris  - Hola

    Que parte de Peru eres y estaca, soy peruana tambien pero resdio aqui en USA por muchos anos yo perteneci a la estaca cenral de Lima. Espero que podamos estar en contacto.

  • Guest

    I too love the binder for 2013. I was able to open it in "Open Office" - but I can not edit it. Any suggestions?

  • Guest

    Hola Shawna, I too would like to translate it into spanish but like the other sisters I can't edit it.

  • Guest

    Love this binder cover. There is a typo, and I want to add the Songs of the month for September through December. How canI edit this document?

  • Guest

    Shawna. Great cover! I love it. I opened it in word and it won't let me edit it, but it looks like a number of other people are having the same issue. I think there's an issue because you have the top picture layered on top of the word doc with the text boxes. Can you put up the original picture document so that we can add to the text boxes directly on that sheet? That's probably easiest. I'd like to add the two months that were missing titles as well, I think it was April and May so that would allow me to do that as well. Thanks so much!

  • Guest

    I just opened it and it worked for me.???

    This document was created in My Memories (scrapbooking software). Unless you have the software, I don't have any way to send something you can totally edit. Sorry!
    If you open it in Word, I created text boxes for the songs in April and May. Click on them and you can put in whatever songs you want. If you want to add more songs or class positions just create another text box.

    I wish I knew how to help more. Sorry it's not working.

  • Shauna Hemsley  - Love it!

    I do have the software that you mentioned, would you be so kind as to e-mail it to me, so that we can edit a few things. thanks for doing this.

  • Guest

    how are you adding Thomas S. Monson's name into Latter-Day Prophets?? i've thought of just singing "Gordon B. Hinkley showed the way to Thomas S. Monson, our prophet today!"

  • Guest

    This is so wonderful, but sad we cannot edit it and thus use it

  • Guest

    Is there a way for you to correct the typo for the month of April since we can't go in and edit it? The word Christ is mis-spelled. And can you also tell me what the name of the font is that you used for all of your text? I'm trying to make the song titles for April and May match the rest of the document. Thanks so much!

  • Guest

    This is great! Thanks so much for all your work. I was able to open and edit no problem! You are awesome!!

  • Guest

    Looks like everyone is having the same problem. I opened it in Word, and it wouldn't let me type in the Presidency names. I would love it if you could email it to me if that's easiest?

    Thank you!

  • Wendy Foster

    I love this binder cover - but cannot open it either. Is there anyway you would be willing to e-mail me your pdf file so I can add the names etc. ? I think the things that I have downloaded before were "editable" - and that was made it work. I would really appreciate it!!
    Thank You!!

  • Guest

    I guess I am having the same problem.
    Please email???

  • Guest

    I love this binder cover! Please email me the word document. I wasn't able to open it.


  • Guest

    I too cannot open it in word and edit it. Can you please send it to me?? Thank you!!

  • Guest

    i would also love for you to email me this cover

  • Guest

    I can not get this file to open in word. Can you also email it to me?

  • Guest

    This is great! Thanks so much for all your work. I was able to open and edit no problem! You are awesome!!

  • Guest

    Do you have it in spanish, I'm having a hard time finding 2013 primary theme in spanish. please help!

  • Torri McEntire

    I would also like a copy of this cover that can be edited as well as the book spine image . .
    Do you have any other art work for it? Bookmarks or cd cover? It's beautiful!

  • Guest

    I love this cover! But I am having the same problem of opening it. Could you please email it to me? Thanks!!

  • Guest

    I love this! I would love an editable file to customize as well if that's possible.

  • Guest

    Love this - I noticed a typo on the April monthly theme. Christ is missing the "t".

    Also I am the music leader. Would you be willing to make one with "Music Leader" for the binder cover? :-)


  • Guest

    i just got put in as the primary president and was directed to this site. i love these binder covers but can't edit them...can you send me a file so i can edit it please.
    thank you so much for sharing your talents with the rest of the lds community!

  • Guest

    I love the binder cover! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and for all you do to help make all our callings easier. I can't seem to open the word doc to edit it - would you please email me a copy -

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it is wonderful. We have 3 counselors because of our large primary. Is there any way to enlarge that circle in order to fit the 3rd counselor info? Again thank you so much! chery ~

  • Guest

    Will you email it to me also. Thanks. PDF or word

  • Guest

    Great cover, but I can't open it in word. Would you please email it to me @ Thanks a ton!!

  • Guest

    I love your binder cover. I was wondering
    if you could make door signs to coordinate with the binder theme.

  • Guest

    Thank you so much from Waconia MN :)

  • Guest

    Also love the design. Please e-mail to i cannot get to either any of the documents.
    thxs for sharing.

  • Guest

    Love this and like others want to edit it to put our Presidency in. Thank you so much.

  • ibarra

    thank you so much these binder covers are fantastic, but i was just wondering if you have them in spanish? love you, ur blog, and ur service!!!

  • Guest

    I can't open this either. Would you please email me - Staci

  • Guest

    I love and would lie to use but, it won't let open in either! can you please send to me at Thank you so much

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. These are beeautiful covers. I am also unable to edit. Would you please be so kind as to send me an editable version also.

  • Guest

    Loved these as a teacher last year and am so excited that I found the source for this year as the president. Wonderful work. Opened great for me and I'm editing in Photoshop, but would love to match your font. What did you use?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!!!

  • Pam Harris

    I cannot open the file in word just like everyone else. Will you e-mail me a copy. Thanks

  • Guest

    What a beautiful cover! Would you please email me a version I can edit? Thanks!

  • Kristine Carter  - Binder cover

    I haven't been able to open this binder cover in Word. Would you please email it to me?

  • marlene  - Gracias!!!!!

    thank you so very much for all the help. You guys are an amazing and I'm so grateful I can always count with you for all my Primary stuff.

  • Melinda  - Awesome cover!

    Will you please email me the Word doc as well? Thank you!

  • Diana Spitzer  - Love this

    I too would love this in a word document that I can edit - I love it thank you so much. Could you email it to me!!

  • Ruthanne  - Edit

    One of the comments said that you needed the program My Memories Suite to edit this. I have it and tried it, but it won't work. Could you fix the April misspelling of Christ? This binder cover is beautiful and we would love to use it! Thank you for sharing your hard work!!

  • Selina  - Edit

    can you email this to me in Word also? Thank you! :)

  • cherrie  - Primary President

    This is beautiful, can you email me in word also. Thanks for all of your work.

  • Sara  - binder cover

    I love your cover...thank you! I have one problem, I'm being released in January sometime and I don't want to put the presidency names and numbers in. Can you email me a copy of your binder but leave the circle blank so it can be filled in later? I also wanted it blank so that I can use the cover in each of my teachers binders and I would like to put the class name in the circle, i.e. CTR 4 etc.

    Thanks so much! Your talents are appreciated!

  • Sara Sabey  - i LOVE this cover~

    Thank you so much for being willing to share this with us!! This is so cute and I appreciate all the help we can get to get organized. I am wondering if you are willing to share which font you used in this document so I can use the same for what we fill in? My email address is:



  • Rachel

    Love this....wondering if I could also get it emailed. Thank you so so much!

  • Lorri

    Last year I could edit all the wording in the circle with the Presidency names.(We only have a President and Counselor.) Would it be possible to make it all editable this year, too. I can erase the phone numbers but not the titles. I love the design, thank you for sharing with those of us who aren't so gifted!

  • michele  - photo

    Thank you so much for sharing and making things so much easier for the rest of us. We love this photo of Christ with the children. Do you know the name or have link to the photo, we would like to use a larger image of this on our bulliton board!

  • Sarah Bryce  - Misspelling

    There is a missing spelling in the April theme. The spelling of Christ is missing the "t".

  • Sarah Bryce  - Oops!

    Sorry I meant "misspelling" in my comment, not "missing spelling".

  • rhina  - translation in spanish

    hello! i was looking for a nice binder cover for this year's sharing time and I find this one really nice.Would it be possible for you to make it in spanich please?I really would appreciate your help! thanksa lot!

  • Jenny  - Binder Cover

    I really want to use this Binder cover, but do not want to print it with a typo. Are you going to post a corrected cover???

  • Jenny

    I would also like to know the fonts you used so I can make everything match up.

    Thank you!

  • Cindy

    This is a beautiful cover. I was able to edit and print in Word, but the calendar is not ledgible. I have found it helpful to have the classes with their room numbers and the times for Jr and Sr primary on the cover also. Who is the artist of the picture?

  • zana  - problem

    I LOVE your cover and really want to use it for all of our binders...i am having the same issues of editing as everyone else..can you email me the document at so much for your hard work and sharing it!

  • guest  - editing

    I'm wondering if I can get a copy to edit the months with different fonts and misspelling? Or do you have an updated version with the changes mentioned in other comments? I just love your binder cover so much, I'd love to be able to use it!!
    Thank you!

  • Michelle  - question

    I have a question/request for Shawna is there a way she can email me?

  • Christine

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the work you put into this and for sharing it with us.

  • Stephanie C  - Me too please!

    If I can also get this cover emailed or whatever I can do to edit as well. Thanks, love your work!!!

  • juliegwilliams  - Editable Verison

    I would also like an editable version of this binder cover. It's absolutely gorgeous! thank you for doing it.

  • Allison  - Spelling Error

    This is great! It looks so good. Thank you so much for doing it and for sharing. I did see a spelling error and am not able to correct it in Word. Are you able to fix it and re-post? The error is on April's theme. The "t" is missing from Christ. Also, are you able to format it so the April and May songs can be changed so we could type in our ward's choices?

    Thank you!

  • Michelle  - question

    I have a question/request for Shawna is there a way she can email me?

  • Michelle Curry

    that was suppose to be

  • Angie  - cover

    please email me a pdf file so that I can edit it.
    Thanks so so much it is darling.

  • Julie  - Covers

    Could you email me the pdf so that I can edit it? Thank you so much for putting it together.

  • Shelby  - font

    Love the font in the months/themes. What font did you use? Thanks. :)

  • shelly  - LOVE this years binder cover

    I would love to get a pdf version of this binder cover so I can add our presidency information for all our teachers. Thank you so much.

  • Tamara  - Love this

    This is beautiful but everytime I try to print it, it cuts off the right hand side of it. Am I doing something wrong? or do I need you to email me as well?
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  • Rochelle

    Could you please email me the pdf? I love it! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Heather Marsh

    would you also please email me the word document thank you for all of your hard work putting this together.

  • Mitzi  - door signs

    Hi, I LOVE this design, would you please create a generic door sign, I can edit in photoshop, but I would love to use the same paper than the binders....I know I am running out of time... Thanks :)

  • Mary

    I love this design! Can you please email me a pdf so I can edit it for my ward. Thank you for providing such great work! :)

  • Glenda

    Christ on April is missing the t. Easy fix is to white it in with a sharpie pen..

  • lirpa

    just create a small text box with only a "t" in it--easy peasy

  • Laura Seeman  - Love it!!

    I love your design so much that I purchased the scrapbooking software so that I could create door signs to match. Did you purchase a special scrap package that you used with it? I'd be happy to share once I get them done.

  • Tori

    Can I also get am email with the link to the cover so I can download and edit it? Thanks! My email is

  • Fara  - Back Cover

    I love your cover! Do you have a back cover to match with the lessons on it? Thanks!

  • Michelle Cury

    I was wondering/hoping for the samething as well

  • Monique  - LOVE IT!

    THis is absolutly beautiful. If you are willing to e-mail a word format that I can edit with our individual information that would be great. Thank you for sharring this beautiful piece of work.

  • G Chatter  - Help!!

    Beautiful. If you are willing to e-mail a word format that I can edit with our individual information that would be great. Thank you for sharing.

  • eliz  - thank you

    may i get an email with it as well

  • lirpa

    for the typo in April: just add a small text box with only a "t" inside. Done.
    If you'd like to change the info in the circle (Presidency Info) I just created a circle to cover it("shapes" at the bottom of Word), no border, white fill and then wrote whatever I wanted inside of that.
    What I don't know is the font used to match the rest of the doc. This is beautiful! Thanks for your time and generosity in sharing--and thanks for your patience with all these comments! :)

  • lirpa

    oh, and if you download it and can't open it: Right click, select "Save As" and resave it in a format you can use (.doc instead of .docx, etc.) I'm using Windows 97 (!!!) if you can believe it, and I can edit this, so IT WORKS, you may just have to put your thinking cap on to get it to work for you! ;)

  • Laura

    :cheer: Love the binder cover, but I'm unable to open it :( . Can you email it to me please - Thanks!!

  • Juana Harris

    Hello I opened but when I printed only was small didn't cover my binder :( .

  • Virginia martinez  - Spanish

    Hi! my name is Sis.Virginia Martinez, and I just want to know if you have this web site in Spanish, or
    any other site we {the Spanish speakers} can use in our callings. like the presidency in the primary the chorister and all the teacher.
    please let me know if you have this information for my sister in my word.
    thank you.

    Virginia Martinez.

  • Virginia martinez

    Hi! my name is Sis.Virginia Martinez, and I just want to know if you have this web site in Spanish, or any other site we {the Spanish speakers} can use in our callings. ;) ;) like the presidency in the primary the chorister and all the teacher.
    please let me know if you have this information for my sister in my word.
    thank you.
    cause all this information es very helpful and unique for all the members, I really like this site. :cheer: :cheer:

    Virginia Martinez.

  • Stephanie Young  - Overhaul

    Im the new primary secretary in our ward. Due to the new changes, we want to put new binder covers in the teachers books.
    Like the others, my computer will not allow me to write in the text. Can you help me with this.

  • brittnie

    Will you be doing a 2014 Theme for binders? I love this one and wish I had seen this last year!

  • JaLene Peterson

    I love your binder cover, I also tried opening and it would not let me. I was just put in the primary presidency in our ward last week and even though the year is almost over I want this to have for my binder. Is their anyway you could email it to me. And will I be able to write in the text if you email it to me. I also hope you will be doing one for the 2014 year so I can update. Thanks for your help, JaLene

  • V  - 2014 binder cover

    I hope you will create a 2014 binder cover. I loved your 2013 binder cover. thanks

  • Emily  - 2014 binder cover

    Please do a binder cover for 2014. I love the 2013 one and am in the process of putting together the binders for next year. Thanks!

  • V  - 2014 Binder Cover?

    Shawna, will you be making a 2014 Primary binder cover? Love the ones you've done in past years. Many thanks

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