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Hillary writes, "This is a skit we found that my mom, Pam Mann, wrote many years ago for Relief Society. It's a really cute way to help sisters better understand the importance of Visiting Teaching by portraying Noah with the difficult task of trying to care for all of the animals on the ark and deciding to use the visiting teaching as a guide by allowing the animals to pair up and visit each other. The creative and cute skit teaches by poking fun at our general approaches to visiting teaching through the perspective of animals and helps give us a better perspective of the important role we have as Visiting Teachers."

Comments (2)
  • Jessica Andrus

    Pam Mann was my seminary teacher for a few years. This skit brought back so many fun memories of seminary at 530 in the morning. She was such an awesome lady and a spiritual giant. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Anita

    Beautiful, would really really love to use this, but we are having our visiting teaching convention on a Sunday n only have 45 minutes. But will surely use this beautiful idea some day. Many thanks

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