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Can you help Sharla?  She writes, "I've been called to lead Young Women Camp Certification.  This year we are trying something new.  We are doing a Certification Clinic on a Saturday before camp and getting 90% of certification completed before camp.  I am overwhelmed!  I don't know where to begin!!!  I have all the requirements outlined, but am having trouble putting together all the different classes, and cooking all together.  Does anyone have ideas on how to do this?...or information?  I'm sure other stakes have done this in the past.  ANY help would be much appreciated!"

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SHARLA - I don't know if this will help you out or not, but perhaps it can give you a place to start......  Go to THIS page and scroll down to "Certifications" and I have a few ideas that have been submitted in years past.  Hope that helps!!

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  • Christina Carrick

    We did something like this and just set up stations in the gym and the big sisters and leaders ran them. the girls each got a card saying which stations they had to go to and after they were done there they got a sticker on that spot showing they completed it or something to that effect. i just remember running a station on making arm slings.

  • Melissa Sonntag

    I think our Stake does a lot of the certification before camp, as well, but I believe they do it in several clinics, not all at one. It might not be as overwhelming if you break it up a bit.

  • Cayla Hansen

    We did this one year, it was actually a pretty laid back. The best way to do this and not be totally overwhelmed is to have people who are fun and love girls camp help out. Most of the certification was done in the cultural hall, the rest was done outside. The way this activity was set up was for the entire stake, if its only for a ward then you would tweak it just a little. Say there were 10 groups, if you want to get creative give them different names that have to do with your camp theme. Outside you have teachers who are doing the cooking and fire certification, this can even be done in a separate part in the parking lot. Inside you have various stations such as First Aid. The trick is to be able to get all the levels done. We did not separate by levels, but that would probably be easier. After that it gets pretty easy because you are basically assigning sister so and so to do first aid and another person to do fire certification and so on. Feel free to get the priesthood involved

  • Colleen Ball

    We did something like this when my mom was camp director. it was a good chunk of a Saturday devoted for certification. She started us in groups and did things like a relay for knot tying and also for first aid. I remember she had us make a cot to move a wounded person, dress a fake wound, splint their arm/ leg and then race them safely to the finish.

    She did all sorts of fun reviewing for us. We even played Jeopardy towards the end of the time there. We were having fun while learning and getting certified for camp.

    On that same Saturday, we all were also CPR certified. She had someone come and teach at a station. It was a ton of fun and all the girls came out with a majority of things completed as well as very much more bonded to each other!

    Good luck!

  • Colleen Ball

    Oh, I almost forgot. Our church building had a fire pit where we did cooking in dutch ovens and foil dinners. Our bishop cam to teach how to do cobbler.

    That same day we also did fire starting/building and got those passed off and enjoyed a meal at the end. This was done on a regular mutual night though, I think.

  • Colleen Balll

    The year we were almost totally certified before camp was the best camp ever! We still did things as a stake at camp, but it was geared more towards showing what we had learned in the form of a little friendly competition.

    We were able to focus more on hiking a repelling. We even did a compass hike at night using flashlights and a compass. The flashlights were used because a course was previously marked with reflectors on them. At the end of the compass course, we met in an open field to study the stars and other constellations!

  • Laresa

    Our stake leaves it up to the different ward camp directors. About the end of Feb. we will get about 80 % percent of requirements that need to be done before camp. Every ward is in charge of how they want to do it. We usually have a weekend camp out where we complete them in one day. Some wards do it the night of Young Women. The stake leaders are overwhelmed with everyone getting ready for camp.

  • Ronda Y

    As the Camp Director for the past 4 years I have found that breaking the certification up into 2-3 clinics on YW night works well. We do First Aid in one, and one where each age group passes off 3-4 requirements. Since the Scouts need service hours, I have some of them and their leaders teach the girls about knives, knots, etc. That way they both get requirements done!
    I save cooking for camp - it gets the girls involved in the meals and promotes teamwork. If it looks like the weather isn't going to cooperate at camp, I will plan a hike beforehand to meet that requirement, and do compass/nature/weather cert at the same time. Good luck!

  • Maggie H

    I don't know how much things have changed, but when I was in Young Womens, the older girls taught the younger ones in a pre-camp clinic. This included all first aide, and fire safety.Then the younger girls would demonstrate what they learned to check it off. I think this was done so the older girls would not get bored and goof off during the clinics. Cooking was done during the hikes.

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