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Lesson 36

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You could make big sandals out of cardstock to wear over their shoes. Make a slit in the back to go around their ankles.  "Follow Jesus Example Sandals" Remind the kids to follow in the footsteps of Jesus because He is a perfect example for us. (Idea by Lisa Hanson)
You could put footprints around the room and and have like a cake walk, give out stickers or something as rewards! (Idea by Cindy Sparks)


 Clipart from SugarDoodle


Good Neighbor Game - Print out the game board and put it in a sheet protector on the chalk board. Use a magnet as a game piece and a large dice for the kids to roll. However, I just moved the game piece to the next picture so we could talk about if that picture showed being a good neighbor or not. I had the kids do thumbs up if it was a good example and thumbs down if it was not.
Let your light shine game


 I can be a good example - Print out first page on light weight paper in black and white. Print out 2nd page on cardstock or lightweight paper in color, cut out and have children glue them on the 1st page. As they glue, stop and talk about each picture and how it relates to being a good example. (Shared by Doreen McDowell / ga09242008)
I can be a peacemaker necklace
Ways I can be a good example.  Cut up each piece and talk about each one.
We gave a spin wheel of things they should work on and a reward cup filled with gummy bears. Everyday for that week they were to spin the wheel and work hard on doing that right. If they did any of the things on the wheel their parents could reward them with a gummy. If they did their special task right all day they got to at the end of the day. some of the things they had to do was say please and thank you, read scriptures, and so on.  Both the parents and the children really enjoyed it.  (Idea by Helen)
Wristbands - (by Kayla Chamberlain) Change the wording and use as a craft for any lesson.  Just cut one toilet paper roll in half to make two bracelets. Then they wrote I can be a good example on them and let the kids color and put smile stickers on them.


I can be a good example by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

 Ammon - The story of Ammon is an excellent example on how being a good example effects many people. Could tell the story and hold up the cut-out. Could put each cut-out on a stick and have children help tell the story. If your class is not too large you could also have a print out for each child.  Print on cardstock.  (Shared by Doreen McDowell / ga09242008)
Assemble pictures or objects that illustrate each Gospel Standard. Have the children draw an object from a bag/box, and match it to the appropriate standard. Possible objects: • a picture of a baptism (covenants) • a broken plate or cookie jar (honesty) • a valentine or bandage (kindness) • a modest article of clothing • a good book or video tape • a CD or tape of good music • the words bad words in a barred circle • a picture of a cigarette in a barred circle • a picture of a church or a set of scriptures or a journal • the CTR symbol • a picture of a temple, a missionary, and/or a bride and groom.  Talk about how these things are either good or bad choices.  When we make good choices we are an example to family and those around us.
Be a good example
 Church Babies Blog
 Good Example Pot from the Friend shared by Doreen McDowell
I used a small flashlight and we talked about the need to "let our lights shine".  I would shine the light on the ceiling and then cover up with a small metal bowl -- they were absolutely fascinated and seemed to get the point.  We talked about being in a dark place, and since they'd all been camping, that went over well. (Idea by Cathy Taddei)
LDS Primary Lesson Helps for Lesson 36
 Prophet Wheel from the Friend shared by Doreen McDowell
Show different pictures of people being a good example and some of a bad example to the kids. As you show each one, let them decide if it is being a good or bad example and run and touch the corresponding face (the other leader in the room will need to run and say everybody come and touch the smiley face; they will catch on after a few times). So, if you show a picture of someone sharing toys, then they should all run and touch the smiley face. You can emphasize that it is nice to share our toys, etc. Then have the kids come back to where you are and show them a different picture. They run and touch the appropriate face, continue until all pictures have been shown and discussed. (Credit Unknown)

Here are some ideas for pictures to use:
1-5 Family with a baby (being nice to our brothers and sisters)
1-8 Taking the sacrament (sitting reverently during sacrament)
1-67 Reverent in class
1-53 Family playing a game (taking turns during a game)
1-48 Kids building with blocks (sharing our toys)
1-47 2 kids fighting over toy (not sharing our toys)
1-46 kids giving flowers to mom (listening to our mothers)
1-45 dad and daughter washing dishes (helping our families)

I couldn't find that many pictures of bad examples. I'm sure there are some but this will get you started. I know my children loved doing this during a previous lesson. Plan something to quiet them down after all that running, maybe a craft at the table as mentioned above.


Teach me to walk in the light


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 36 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)


Part of being a good example is being a good friend.  Have everyone sit in a circle.  Give each child a Ziploc baggie filled with 1/4 c. of a snack such as: chocolate chips, pretzels, mini marshmallows, butterscotch chips, cranraisins, peanuts, m&ms, etc. Have enough bags for each child to pour the contents into a big bowl in the middle of the circle. This was called our "friendship mix" to show how each one of us in different and unique but we all go good together.


Hugs are for Teaching - The story and graphics

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