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Eileen writes, "I made these for our "It's Great to be Eight" night. You can cut them to size and secure them around a Kit Kat bar. I though they are a great reminder for the children, of the covenants they will be making at baptism. Also great gifts from CTR 7 teachers, or for family or friends baptisms. I put the 4th Article of Faith on the back to help them remember to memorize it for their baptism interview."

* See another version of this handout here.

Comments (4)
  • Tina Harmer

    My daughter who is 10 put these together and did a lesson on the 4th article of faith. It went really well and see was able to do a great simple lesson!

  • kimbowest

    thanks so much! i have 3 baptisms this sat and wanted to give the kids just a little something! this is perfect!

  • Erika  - KitKat

    I absolute love this idea!!


  • Denise  - KitKat

    What a great idea. One of the boys I taught in Primary was baptised this past Sunday. Bit late but he'll still love it and I hope appreciate it!!

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