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Lesson 33

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Have an envelope with each child's name on it.  Make two or three hearts made out of colored or construction paper.  Put a string or piece of yarn in each envelope.  Punch a hole in each heart and write the child's name on one side of each heart.  Seal each envelope.  Have everyone sit in a circle and hold their envelope.  Then go around the circle, one-by-one, and write down one thing on each heart about each child.  "How does _______ show us she is our friend?  She is good at sharing (write sharing on one of the hearts).  Friends share with each other."  Go around until everyone has a turn.  Make hearts into a necklace for them to wear. 
Friendship Squeeze - Have the children stand or sit in a circle holding hands. You start the friendship squeeze by gently squeezing the hand of the child next to her. The child then passes on the friendship squeeze to the next child, etc. around circle.
Make a paper chain - Explain that this chain is like our Nursery class.  We are each individual people, but all together we are friends!  A friend is someone to have fun with, to play with, to laugh with, to sing with, and to share with.  Who are your friends (you could have extra strips of paper and write their friends names on a slip of paper and make a chain off of everyone's name). 
Beanbag Toss - Toss the beanbag from hand to hand while singing this tune; "I have a good friend a good friend a good friend, I have a good friend and their name is ________."  Then toss the beanbag to that child. Have the child toss it back to you. Do this until every child has had their name called. You could then have the children who catch the beanbag sing the song and toss it to a friend.
Take a group picture - The week before this lesson, I had my husband come into nursery and take pictures of all of the nursery children together. We developed them (Sam's club-very cheap) and on that Sunday about friends we looked at all the pictures of our friends and made a small picture frame for each child from craft sticks. We also glued pompoms on the frame for decorations. We gave each child their own group picture of their Nursery friends to take home. THEY LOVED IT!!  (Credit Unknown)


Prepare a circle shape out of paper for each child (use construction paper).  Attach it to a tongue depressor or popsicle stick.   Then have the children decorate their own faces, glue on yarn for the hair and color their features onto the picture of their face.  Write on the tongue depressor, "I am a special friend because..."


 Door Signs by Laree Ipson


Natalie FHE Ideas - I can be a friend


 File Folder Game by Doreen McDowell


Friendship Matching Game


Friendship Wallet

 Handout by Amy Busch (ga01152008)
 Super Friend


 Church Babies Blog 
Be a friend
Discuss how the people in the following pictures are being friends: 1-8, 1-71, 1-12, 1-67, 1-38, 1-41, 1-37, 1-42, 1-35, 1-44, 1-24, 1-55
Friends Theme
LDS Primary Lesson Helps for Lesson 33
I can be a friend by David Hill - Power Point Presentation for Lesson 33


Here We are Together

Sing Me A Song
(Sung to: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
Love, love, love your friends,
Different as they seem.
Playing, laughing, joking, helping,
True friends are like a dream!

(Sung to the tune "Mary had a little lamb")

Will you meet a friend of mine?
Friend of mine?
Friend of mine?
Will you meet a friend of mine?
This is my friend

(Sung to: "If you're happy and you know it")

If you're friendly and you know it, clap your hands.
If you're friendly and you know it, clap your hands.

If you're friendly and you know it, and you really want to show it,
If you're friendly and you know it, clap your hands!


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 33 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)


Be a friend puzzle - [Puzzle Front] and [Puzzle Back]


Friendship Mix: Ask each parent to have their child bring 1/2 cup of any one of the following: M&M's, mini marshmallows, raisins, Fruit Loops, Goldfish crackers, Cheerios etc. Have a large bowl for them to dump in what they bring. Mix together and talk about how friends share. 

You could use the above idea (friendship mix) but use fruit and make fruit pizza.  Assign the children to bring various fruits (strawberries, peaches, pineapple, grapes, etc.)  Then, you make two sugar cookies for each child.  One for them to make and eat for snack and one to take home and share with someone else (mom, dad, sibling or another friend).  Frost each cookie and then the children can decorate and eat their cookie and make one for their friend. 


Do you want to be my friend? by Eric Carle (rent from your local library)
Don't forget to say thank you - Part of being a friend is learning to say thank you.  Teach this lesson using the story of Jesus and the ten lepers and that only one came back to thank him.
Friendshipping with love - There are ten pictures that go along with this story
I can be a friend - (A short and quick story) Print out picture and tape words on back
You are Special by Max Lucado (rent from your local library)


 New Friends, Old Friends


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