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Lesson 27

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 Coloring page from the June 2009 Friend
 I love praying with my family
We can pray as a family


Prayer Bear Idea
 Prayer Dolls and Prayer Puzzle
Prayer Puppets  


 Door Signs by Laree Ipson


 File Folder Game by Megan Mills


 Help the children create a prayer chain by stapling strips of paper - alternating yellow then black. They can tear off one yellow if they say morning prayers, and one black for night prayers. Create a cute header out of cardstock to attach the chain to. 14 links equals one week is a good length.  (Idea by Kathee Merkley / ga07142008)
"I can pray" booklet
Ponder, Pray and Listen
 Prayer Rocks - Old idea but for young children take rocks pre-painted with bright solid color, acrylic paint, and the work PRAYER on it. Let them personalize their own rock with sticker dots or foam stickers, or paint pens.  (Idea by Kathee Merkley / ga07142008)


Family Prayer - The four photos are mom, dad, girl, boy. Each is a single person kneeling in prayer. The file is a one page word document that has lots of people on it for cutting out.  We cut out enough individual people to match all the family members of each of the children in class. Then we stuck the family members on a colored paper and labeled each person by name, with the title of Family Prayer at the top of the page. The intention was to have a family specific coloring page for each child to show his or her whole family praying together.  For my family, I would have put the following in a row: mom, boy, girl, boy, girl, dad. Then I would have labeled them: Mom, Steve, Becky, Ben, Sariah, Dad. It was a pretty big deal for the children to have everyone in their family labeled. If the name wasn't just right, they would correct us. It was interesting how specific each child was about what they called their parents. Mommy, Mom, Momma are all distinct and we needed to get them right.  I struggled with this lesson to keep it specific to family prayer, rather than being generic for any prayer. This project to work on and take home worked well for me.  The pictures were based off the April 1991 Friend.  (Idea from Jennie C. / ga01222007)
 I Can Receive Answers to Prayers
LDS Primary Lesson Helps for Lesson 27
 Things to Pray For - Enlarge, and print out on colored cardstock to play Bingo or "Don't Eat Pete" game.  (Idea by Kathee Merkley / ga07142008)


 Don't ever forget to pray
Jesus Taught Us How To Pray
Our House Becomes a Home
When We Pray For Each Other


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 27 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)


Pretzels - The simple shape of the pretzel, arms folded in prayer, reminds us to pray each day. 

Comments (3)
  • Tara Hendriksen

    Thanks for the paper chain idea! I made up a little poem for the header to attach the chain too.

    Every morning when you wake,
    before your comfy bed you make.
    Before you eat or tie your shoe,
    Kneel by that bed and pray to who?
    Pray to our Father, who loves so strong,
    to keep you safe the whole day long.
    Then when your day comes to an end,
    And not so sleepy you pretend,
    Before you crawl back into bed,
    Stop and kneel and bow your head.
    Thank our Father, who gives so much,
    for the gospel, family and such.
    Blessings will come with prayer each day,
    Use these rings to guide the way.
    Tear one off every time you do
    and you will feel His love so true!

  • Kylie Shober

    THANKS TARA! That is perfect :)

  • Kristin  - Poem

    Thanks so much to Tara for the poem! I changed it slightly to apply to family prayer:
    Every morning when I wake,
    before my comfy bed I make.
    Before I eat and start playing too,
    As a family we’ll kneel and pray to who?

    Pray to Heavenly Father, who loves so strong,
    to keep us safe the whole day long.
    Then when our day comes to an end,
    And not so sleepy we pretend,

    Before we crawl back in to our beds,
    We’ll stop and kneel and bow our heads.
    Thank Heavenly Father, who gives so much,
    for the gospel, our family and such.

    Blessings will come when as a family we pray,
    We can use these rings to guide our way.
    I’ll tear one off every time we do
    and we will feel His love so true!

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