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Lesson 18

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Make telephones from tin cans or paper cups.
Show different pictures of animals.  As you go through each one, ask them "What sound does this animal make?  Or you could prepare a tray of things found in a home that make a sound (bell, clock, rattle, radio, etc.)  Let each child take turns making a sound with each item.  Or you could make the sound and have everyone close their eyes and guess. 
Sound CD - (zip file-instructions to burn CD are included in download) - Burn a copy of these prerecorded sounds that are familiar to the children such as animals, cars, trucks, airplanes and so forth.  You might ask: "Is this sound an indoor sound or an outdoor sound" or "What is making this sound?"  or "What part of your body helped you to hear these sounds?"  Heavenly Father gave us our ears.  He wants us to hear the sounds around us. 
Use Easter eggs or other containers.  The children can shake the containers. Make sure there is two of each sound.  Ideas are salt, rice, marble/marbles, nothing, pebbles, beans, peas, etc.... Make sure the eggs are glued shut so they can't open them and spill/eat the contents.  Have them shake containers and try to match the sounds. (Credit Unknown)


When I am quiet


 Door Signs by Laree Ipson


 File Folder Game by Megan Mills


Silly Toss Game (from November 1992 Friend) - Use a small, soft ball, or crumple a piece of newspaper into a ball.  Toss the ball to someone. When the ball is caught, the catcher makes a silly face. Then all the other players make the same face.  The catcher tosses the ball to someone else, and the procedure is repeated.


I am thankful for my ears - You can have the children color this and if you want to, you can make ear cutouts and glue them on to each ear.   


 Church Babies Blog
Record the children singing songs and then play them back - let them see if they can hear their own voice.
Say softly some directions like "Everybody stand up. Girls turn around. Boys shake one foot. Everybody wave your arms. etc. Make sure there is a lot of praise on how well they are using their Ears. 


Activity verse from October 1976, Friend)
"Sounds are big and sounds are small.
Sounds are short and sounds are tall.
Sounds are scary or sometimes loud.
Sounds are quiet and soft as a cloud.
Sounds are different, every one.
Hearing new ones is always fun.
Oh Be Careful Little Ears
Old MacDonald Had A Farm


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 18 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)
When I was the nursery leader I "took" my children to the beach one Sunday. I asked them to bring a beach towel and we laid our towels down, took off our shoes and went walking with our pails in search of sea shells (which I brought and scattered about the room) and then we walked in the water (a big piece of blue plastic - like table cloth material that I laid on the floor) and got our feet wet. Then we sat down and ate from our cooler and listened to the sounds of the ocean (a nature CD I brought).  Talk about the different sounds you might hear on the beach.  Read a story about the beach and have them color and identify pictures of things from the ocean/beach.  For the group at large you can decorate using towels on the walls, a big sun, birds hanging from the ceiling on fishing line. You could have a volley ball game, bring in umbrellas, have an ice cream vendor etc...... (Idea by Fran Curtis / ga04112007)

Comments (5)
  • Amie2000

    if you have an ipad there is an ap you can download for free called "I Hear Ewe" where there are animal sounds and and some transportation sounds. At first download it will verbally say for example "This is a sound a dog makes then bark bark etc." but you can change options to turn verbal descriptions off so it will just make the sound. Super fun and easy!

  • vickie

    I downloaded I Hear Ewe but can't locate an option to turn off the voice....there are no options only pictures/sounds ?

  • hmurf

    There is an iPad app called iSoundGuessLite which is free and plays sounds.

  • Aili Katherman  - Hide and seek with your ears

    We played a game where the kids all closed their eyes except one kid who "hid" around the room somewhere and shook an egg-shaker (or other noise-maker). The kids with their eyes closed pointed to where they thought the kid was hiding and then on the count of three opened their eyes to see if they were right. They really enjoyed it and could have kept playing.

  • Lesley Zimmer  - Great ideas

    Such great ideas!!! My sunbeams LOVE when we use the iPad, so I downloaded the I hear ewe!! Thank you. :)

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