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Lesson 15

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 I'm going to bring some flour tortillas and break them up to pretend they are manna (spread them onto a sheet since I don't think the carpet is always the cleanest.  : )  Then I'll have them pretend to sleep, wake up and gather their manna for one day, then pretend it's Saturday and wake up and gather twice as much, so as to have enough for Sunday.  We'll have them for snack afterward.  (Idea by Donna Gabriel of Texas / ga05042008)
 I am going to find or draw a church on cardstock and let the children decorate it. I am thinking it will probably be cereal and candies. (They seem to stay on task a little bit better when they get to do a bit of snacking too.)  My nursery children love, love, love to glue anything and everything.  (Idea by Mandy Clark / ga04302008)
Manna - I found this activity in the Friend and thought it would be cute to adapt for younger children. It goes along with the Israelites gathering manna ("Remember the Sabbath Day," Friend, Nov. 2004, 38).  There is a picture of an Israelite family holding a basket for manna to be gathered into. There are also pictures of manna to cut out and gather. It says to name one thing that is good to do on the Sabbath for each piece of manna put into the basket.  I thought of using cotton balls with the picture of manna stuck on it and having a real basket to collect the manna. I will scatter the manna around the room and let the kids gather it while I tell the story of the Israelites. Then we will look at different pictures of things to do on Sunday. (Idea by Chiara Despain)
Sabbath Day Activity by Jen Cottrell
(Adapted from idea on - Take eight small paper bags and write one letter from the word, "SATURDAY" on each bag. Gather the following items and put them in the corresponding bag.  Discuss how each item helps us prepare for the Sabbath.

S =  Polish/cleaner and a rag
A = Bag (plastic works great) with the label of any local store on the front - don't shop
T = Get homework done (pencil and paper)
U = Clean the floor (cleaner, scrubber brush, etc.)
R = Shoe polish/brush and a rag, if you don't have this a small pair of shoes will work
D = Do the laundry (put in some socks)
A = Nail clippers
Y = Shampoo

Make simple cardboard churches that the children can decorate with crackers, pretzels, cereal, and fruit chews.  (Similar to gingerbread houses at Christmas time).  The glue (unless I find out a better one with flour and water) will be meringue icing in a baggie with the end cut to make application easier. (Credit Unknown)
Role play how we behave and what we do on Sundays.  
Three activity ideas to go along with Lesson 15 by Cherice Montgomery


You could make the Sabbath Day booklet from the Primary 2 lesson manual.


 Door Signs by Laree Ipson


 File Folder Game by Megan Mills


 I got some little canvas tote bags from Hobby Lobby - packs of 4 for 5.99.  I have potentially 7 Sunbeams, so I got two packs.  I ironed on "My Sabbath Bag", and a CTR shield.  I'm putting a paperback Book of Mormon in each one.  In class, we are going to talk about doing Sabbath things, then I'll have them put into their bags:  coloring book and a box of crayons (left over from last years back to school sale - .20 cents each), and a little notepad and a pen. I have 3 coloring pages to do in class.  I might put one of them into the bags if they get tired of coloring. (Idea by Donna Gabriel of Texas / ga05042008)
Sabbath Day Cube - It's a paper cube that has pictures of things we should do on Sunday. Sides included things like reading the scriptures, praying, visiting elderly, etc. and it's a game where you roll the dice and whatever side it lands on you have the children pretend that they're doing. So if it lands on the side about reading the scriptures you would have them put their hands in front of them like they had scriptures they were reading.
Sunday Ideas
What is this? - Identify things you can find in a church building. (April 2010 Friend)


 Church Babies Blog
Lesson Helps by Julie K. Nelson
Lesson Helps from Jen Cottrell


 Saturday - This is a great one for teaching about the Sabbath Day and what we do to prepare for it.
 The Sabbath Day from November 2004 Friend


The Israelites in the Wilderness - God provided manna and water for the Israelites in the wilderness. (2:26)


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 15 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)


Is Tomorrow Sunday?? (Page 1) (Page 2) (Story)
Sammy's Sabbath Dilemma, April 2006 Friend
Story from Friend Magazine. Click here to print out pictures to go with this story from the Friend:

“I’m impressed with the five goals you scored in today’s game.” Collin turned around and realized the coach was talking to him. “I’m starting a new soccer team and want to know if you would like to be on it.”

“Would I ever!” Collin thought. Collin was nine, and he enjoyed playing soccer. When he and his parents attended the first planning meeting for the new team, the coach explained that they would be playing in many tournaments on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. “Not on Sunday,” Collin thought.

After talking with his parents, Collin told the coach he wanted very much to be on the new team, but he would not play soccer on Sunday. He thought the coach would be mad and not let him be on the team. The coach paused for a moment and told Collin that he still wanted him to play. Collin felt peace in his heart and knew he had made the right decision. He was glad he had made the team. His parents reminded him that even if he had not been allowed to join the team, he had made the right decision.

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