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Lesson 12

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 Animal Bubbles by Rachel Shearer
 Before Easter I found capsules that you put in water that melted and little foam Easter Animals grew. Well at the same time they had Jungle animals and Farm animals so I grabbed those (for the future). I never knew it could be such a hit. I am the one with 9 sunbeams and they loved it. We had two different bowls of water going, and it went just fast enough for them to push their fingers in and get excited, they loved it. Then I had snack baggies to put them in since they weren't dry to take home. (That way they could take their animals home).  What a hit!  I found these at Wal-Mart but I always see them at the dollar store. They are usually in the miscellaneous part of toys. The aisle that has the jacks, generic army men, all the little things that don't really fit anywhere else and are cheap. It didn't make a mess either.  (Idea by Carrie Gribbin / ga04142008)
CD of animal sounds - Burn on a CD all the different sounds animals make and see if they can tell you which animal goes with that sound.  You could also print off a picture of each sound, like a picture of a dog, cat, lion, etc. Each picture was on its own sheet of paper and then mounted to cardstock for durability. Then during the lesson, I have all of them tacked to the wall (hang them low).  As we listened to each sound (I pause the CD player after each sound), I ask what the sound was, then I choose one child to put a smiley face sticker on the picture that corresponds to the sound we just heard. We repeat this with each sound making sure each child has at least one turn to put a sticker on the picture of a sound.
Sit in a circle and have each child taking a turn acting like their favorite animal.  Have everyone guess which animal they are immitating.
You could go on a "Jungle Safari".  Call each of the parents and have them bring their child's favorite stuffed animal (or you could just bring several yourself) and place them around the church.  Then go on a walk looking for the animals.  (ANOTHER VERSION)  We also went on an animal hunt. I taped pictures of animals, face down in the hallway (one for each child to take off the wall) so you had to take the picture down to see what it was. "We all were veeeeeeeeeery quiet, Shhhhhhhhhhh, so we didn't SCARE the animals away."


 Lesson 12 Coloring Page by Marie Huff


Animal Finger Puppets
Animal Paper Bag Puppets
 I was at our dollar store and they had foam cutouts of sea creatures, farm animals and jungle animals. They have a peel off sticky back and are great for making pictures for the children. They also had little fishing poles with a magnet on the end for fishing games.  (Idea by Jaynelen Zenger / ga03282008)
Life's Journey to Perfection
Noah's Ark - Paper Plate Craft Idea by Cherice Montgomery
Thumb print fish - Have children press their fingers onto a stamp pad and stamp fingers onto paper. Add features such as fins.


 Door Signs by Laree Ipson
 Door Signs by Marie Huff


 I am thankful for animals by Megan Mills


Lots of Animal Fingerplays


 Animal Bingo by Shannen Willard
Animal Bingo (pdf) - I made some cards using the pictures from the Animal Bingo already on the site. I am going to cut these apart and draw them out of a bag or put them on the walls for an animal hunt.  I am also going to write the names of the animals on the back of the cards so the game can be used for children that can read. (Shared by Shelley Thomas / ga02202013)
Animal Match Up from November 2006 Friend - Scroll down to find Animal Match Up
(Idea from Jennifer Carr): You can assign half of the group to be one animal and the other half to be another animal.  Then they have to close their eyes and make their animal sound.  The kids walk around the room to find other children who are making the same animal sound.  When they find another child that is the same animal they hold hands and continue making their animal sound.  The game is over when one group finds all of its members.  It's good to pick animals that have obvious sounds the first few times you play, like cows (moo) and dogs (woof).  Anyway, my group LOVED this game!
Pin the tail on the donkey, pin the trunk on the elephant, or anything similar.


Noah's Ark Printable
Here is the handout we did in nursery today.  It is just an idea.  Cut out different pictures of animals.  As you pass out a new animal to each child to glue on, make the animal sound associated with each one.  Glue on and color.  (My son didn't want to color his).  


Animal Jingles from May 1997 Friend (with pictures)
 I am thankful for animals by Libby Osborn

LDS Lesson Helps for Lesson 12
Lesson Helps by Julie K. Nelson
 My Animal Lesson Plan by Sheryl Jones
Noah's Ark - We gave the story to the children about Noah's Ark. After making a paper ship in which we cut out animals to go into it. We had made an ark out of boxes for the kids to play in. We served animal crackers for treats.
Nursery Fun Blog


 (Compiled by Chiara Despain): At Michael's craft store they have some pre-painted wood shapes of different animals.  They are usually .50 cents a piece.  I don't live in Utah so this may not be true for all Michael's stores, but in our add this week, they are 4/$1.00. We bought about 10 or 12 different animals and hot glued them to the large craft sticks.  We use them during singing time to sing "Old MacDonald had a Farm."  Our Old MacDonald has some non-traditional farm animals like elephants, lions, alligators, and monkeys on his farm when we sing. I love the pre-painted shapes because I don't have to cut anything out, laminate, and then cut it out again.  The wood shapes are cute, painted and ready to go. I thought these could be used for the lesson on animals to tell one of the stories or for use with one of the enrichment activities.
Itsy Bitsy Spider
5 little speckled frogs
Three Little Fish sung to Three Blind Mice : Three little fish, three little fish (hold up three fingers) See how they swim, see how they swim (make swimming motion with arms) Round and Round and fast they go ("swim" fast - sing fast) Now they are going very slow ("swim" slow-also sing slow) Three little fish, three
little fish (hold up 3 fingers again).


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 12 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)


Animal Crackers, Cheese Cubes
Ark snacks - Cut a pita bread in half, so that it resembles an ark. Let the children spread peanut butter and jelly inside the pita bread with plastic knives. Then give the children an assortment of animal crackers to place inside of their arks! 
Monkey Bait (banana slices)
Rabbit pellets (raisins)

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