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Lesson 2

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Get some butcher paper and trace the children's bodies. Tape the tracings on the wall and let them color the bodies. You may want to save these for later lessons about eyes, ears, etc. The children could add the different body parts to their tracing. As well, you could measure and weigh them and write that on the butcher paper. Then,  let them take home the tracings at the end of the body part lessons.  When we did this, one little boy did not want us to trace him, no matter what we said.  So we had his dad come in for a minute and trace him instead.



 Heavenly Father loves you
 Heavenly Father has a body coloring sheet by Melanie Day


 Pop Up Craft


 Door Signs by Laree Ipson


 Heavenly Father has a body by Melanie Day.  Doreen McDowell has made a different version of my file folder game.  CLICK HERE to open her version.


Elbow to Elbow - The children all dance around while music is playing and you turn the music off and call out a part of body.   For example, elbow to elbow everyone touches their elbow to someone else’s elbow. They can have partners, or if they are young they can just touch their own elbow.  
 Play "Simon Says" using body parts. 


 Boy and Girl Dolls
 Boy Doll
 Girl Doll
 Grow to be like your parents - Doreen McDowell has colored a file from the Friend and made a great printable. 
 Just like me! by BreAnne Bishop


 Church Babies Blog
 Flannel board story of "Sacred Grove" from July 2001, Friend.  Compare our bodies to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. (Scroll down for clipart)  You could put magnets on the back of the clipart.  Many chalkboards are magnetic.
Lesson Helps from
 My Body - A Temple
 No Crying Nursery
 We Grow to Be Like Our Parents, Friend, Apr. 1984, 14
 You Are Eternal


 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes


 Sunbeam Letter for Lesson 2 by Cynthia Mikesell - The content of this letter comes almost exclusively from the lesson book.  I just changed the language a bit so that it reads as if the child is telling the parent what they have done in class that day.  (Click here to see all letters written by Cynthia)


 Make Gingerbread Cookies

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