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Laurey writes, "This year the seminary students will be studying the Old Testament.  Each year the teachers usually get a little stack of scripture mastery cards for the 25 scriptures they are supposed to memorize with historical information on the back of each card.  The trouble is these cards get lost and even if they are drilled and put onto a ring they’re still a bit of a pain to use.  I decided to make little books which would fit in a pocket or purse that students could carry around and have to practice and study during spare moments.  When other teachers saw them, they wanted them so I made some for them too.  Now all the teachers in the stake want them, so we have finally resorted to having them printed at the local Office Depot.  With a 15% off coupon you can get 200 books printed for about $80.  Then we do the folding, stapling and trimming ourselves to save money. 

Anyway, I thought perhaps other teachers might be interested so I’m sharing.  Once you’ve used the books, you will never go back to the cards.  The books are printed 4-up on a landscape page so there is no waste and you get four books each time you print one set of pages, so for example we made 50 copies to get 200 books.  They can be printed on a home computer by printing pages one at a time, first on the front and then on the back, but it can be a bit confusing to figure out and everyone’s printer is different.  They need to be stapled with ¼” staples, probably using a heavy duty stapler.   

I have the files for the other three courses of study (New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants) if anyone is interested.  Thanks for all you do to help teachers and others who serve in the church!"

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