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Lesson 45

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1. Click here to share your ideas on how you'll present this lesson.

2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Game - This game is played like, "Button, Button, Who's got the button?"  Instead of using a "button" you will use a stone to represent Jesus' resurrection.  Choose one child to be “it”. All the other children (except the child you chose to be "it") hold up their hands  to form a cup, leaving an opening on top of their hands. You then walk around and pretend to put the stone in someone's hand. One child will actually get the stone. The child you chose to be “it” guesses who has the stone. Whoever has the stone becomes "it" in the next round.  (Additional note: Those small clear craft stones would work great for this game).

4. Spring Jelly Bean Mosaic

5. Pop Up Easter Craft

6. Easter Egg Scripture Story by Cassie Lierley

7. Jesus Christ Ascending (craft idea)

8. Happy Clean Living

9. Easter Tomb Craft by Jeanette Voss

10. Those battery powered tea lights fit perfectly inside plastic Easter eggs. I plan to put a sticker of Christ on them with a quote about Him being the light, and having the tea lights turned on when I give them to the children. (Idea shared by LaRene Alder / ga04202014)

11.  We Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

12. Laughing and Losing It

Comments (8)
  • L. Walker

    I am using the Easter coloring page from the New Nursery manual for the "He Lives",
    Pop Up Craft idea.

    I am also using 8 plastic easter eggs with a symbol inside that coincides with the 8 Easter Flannel board cutouts from the Primary 2 Lesson manual. I will hide them in the class and the children will choose the cutout the matches the symbol inside the egg they find.

  • Lanae Uhrey

    I'm appreciate all the time spent to help us. I love this site. It has helped me a lot. Another idea for the Easter Lesson that I did a couple of years ago was making a time machine on the chalk board and then my husband recorded some sounds and we went back in time and talked about what we would see. The younger kids love to use their imaginations.

  • Allison Dietz

    Does anyone have the cutouts that the lesson talks about? I can't find them anywhere...

    2-5 Crucifixion
    2-6 Wrapping Jesus' body
    2-7 Tomb
    2-8 Large stone
    2-9 Guards
    2-10 Angel
    2-11 Women with ointments
    2-12 Jesus resurrected

  • Mary Woolley

    This is in response to Allison's question about the cutouts suggested for use in the Easter lesson. They should be included in your three ring binder, in the section for pictures, in a plastic page protector. If not, call your Primary Pres.

  • Nancy Couturier

    To Allison: home/Primary-Manual-2-Cutouts

  • Anne Cardosa

    I'm going to get bigger eggs and put miniature items of each part of the story all in each childs egg so they can take it home and retell the story to their families.

  • Bonita Allen

    Allison dietz, the cutouts have been reproduced by someone on the "happy clean living" link above or use this link primary-2-lesson-45-easter.html

  • Bonita Allen
    Does anyone have the cutouts that the lesson talks about?... primary-2-lesson-45-easter.html
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