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Lesson 45

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Game - This game is played like, "Button, Button, Who's got the button?"  Instead of using a "button" you will use a stone to represent Jesus' resurrection.  Choose one child to be “it”. All the other children (except the child you chose to be "it") hold up their hands  to form a cup, leaving an opening on top of their hands. You then walk around and pretend to put the stone in someone's hand. One child will actually get the stone. The child you chose to be “it” guesses who has the stone. Whoever has the stone becomes "it" in the next round.  (Additional note: Those small clear craft stones would work great for this game).

4. Spring Jelly Bean Mosaic

5. Pop Up Easter Craft

6. Easter Egg Scripture Story by Cassie Lierley

7. Jesus Christ Ascending (craft idea)

8. Happy Clean Living

9. Easter Tomb Craft by Jeanette Voss

10. Those battery powered tea lights fit perfectly inside plastic Easter eggs. I plan to put a sticker of Christ on them with a quote about Him being the light, and having the tea lights turned on when I give them to the children. (Idea shared by LaRene Alder / ga04202014)

11.  We Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

12. Laughing and Losing It

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