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Lesson 33

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

4. Tithing File Folder Game - from Mormon Share (all files listed on same page) 

          1. Print out these images on heavy paper.
          2. Cut along the dotted lines. Reinforce the tabs with tape if desired.
          3. Thread the shapes through the holes. 
          4. Glue the "What is Tithing" and "Tithing Puzzle" pages to the inside of a manila file folder. Be careful not to glue the moving parts down. You'll want to glue the Tithing Puzzle page to the right side of your folder so the parts will slide out more.

5. Sequence Cards - Paying your tithing

6. Tithing and the Tin Box

7. The first few minutes of this video discusses tithing and would be great to show the children: Sharing Time with President Hinckley (check your church library for a copy of this video).

8. Tithing Slip Puzzle - Have the children try to piece it together in the right order. (Pass out the puzzles in tithing envelopes.) 

9. Make a tithing bank - If time allows, have each child decorate an envelope or small canning jar as a place to save their tithing money.  Have them also put a tithing envelope in their jar/envelope so they will be ready to pay their tithing when they come to church.  Here is one ideaHere is another one.....and here is one other kind of piggy bank...a favor box.  This tutorial teaches you have to make a favor box into a piggy bank.  If you need a favor box, you can google "favor box templates" and find one you like.

10. Tithing Handout and Worksheet by Veronica

11. Tithing Cups by Maria Eckersley

12. For Little Friends from the February 2010 Friend Magazine

13. Tithing Bookmarks by Sarah Kolar

14. Tithing Printable from LDS Family Fun

15. I am going to make tithing banks for my class using sugar free drink mix containers, like Crystal Light that comes in little tubs.  I will have them add scrapbook paper to the outside using glue sticks and put on a 2 x 4 adhesive label printed with My Tithing Bank on it.  Use an exacto knife to cut a slot about the size of a quarter in the clear plastic lid on the top.   

I also plan to use the "Sharing Time with President Hinckley" (check your church library for a copy).  He shares a poem he learned about tithing when he was a boy (I think I will put the poem on the label of the tithing bank).  He also tells a touching story about tithing."  (Walker Family)

TITHING POEM he shares in the video.  Help your class memorize it.

What is tithing?
I will tell you every time.
Ten cents from a dollar
And a penny from a dime.

16. The July 2002, Friend, Sharing Time page had this idea:  Give each child ten paper circles to represent coins.  Discuss the importance of paying tithing to the Lord first.  Have the children draw a picture of a temple on one coin.  On the remaining  coins, have them draw something else that the money could be used for (clothes, food, school supplies, savings, transportation, toys, mission preparation, etc.)  Testify of the blessings you have received from paying tithing.  A circle punch would make this an easy task.  I am also considering the Scripture Story on DVD, of the Widow's Mites.  (It is Chapter 34 on the New Testament DVD). (Walker Family)

17. Holly's Home

18. Enlarged Tithing Slip by Dawnetta - She writes, "I just read through this lesson and ended up scanning in a tithing slip.  Here's a copy if anyone else wants to use it."

19. Happy Clean Living

20. Tithes and Offerings

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