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Page of Various Relief Society Logos - [jpg] [png] [gif]

Relief Society Letterhead (Blue and White) - (.docx) (.doc)

Relief Society Letterhead (Blue and Tan) - (.docx) (.doc)

Neil writes, "This is a collection of various Relief Society Logos/Seals which I have recreated because and the internet do not have any avaiable.  You are free to use it in any non-profit way you please.

Use Adobe illustrator (not free) or Inkscape (free) to import this PDF and all the layers will be there. You can then modify them as you wish, and export them as whatever size or color you wish and end up with VERY HIGH QUALITY images for your projects.

Depending upon what they wish to do with them, they’ll want a different format.  I’ve converted them all into individual files and in four formats each: PDF, SVG, GIF, JPEG."
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg] [gif]
[png] [pdf] [jpg]

Comments (13)
  • Cindy

    Is there ANY way of getting the RS logo done in different languages? I have a friend who served a mission in Armenia. I told her I would do a cross stitch of the logo in Armenian, but I guess I am NOT good enough to make my own pattern!?!
    Just curious!
    (It would be a LOT easier to do a cross stitch IF I had a "pattern" to print off!)

  • Trilce

    I wish it would be en Español!!! ;-)

  • Elaine

    Thanks so much for posting these RS logos. I've already used one on my June visiting teaching handouts!

  • TylerD

    Thanks! Awesome!

  • LeAnne B

    I am trying to download the RS logo, but all the links are bad. The webpage says it cannot be displayed because of errors. I am hoping someone sees this comment and that the files can be fixed. A high-resolution RS logo is very hard to find!

  • Neil
    I wish it would be en Español!!! ;-)

    if you tell me what it should look like, I can update it for you.

  • Neil Leavitt

    I have completed the spanish version. Search this site for it.

  • maribel g  - spanish

    hi i was wonder if you still have in spanish it well help alot can you send me a copy please thank you

  • Jennifer

    I downloaded the pdf version but when I open it in illustrator it's just an immage, I was wondering if you still have the vector version.

  • Jennifer

    nevermind! just saw the links to the vector format! Thank you very much!

  • Lou  - Relief Society Logo

    Just to let you know that the Relief Society Logo was changed last year in 2012. It no longer looks like the ones you have. No date is on it, little changes. Just fyi.

  • laura

    How do I download the vector format? It opens a page but I can't seem to find how to download it.


  • Jeri  - Relieved to find logos

    Thanks so much for taking the time to make these and especially to save them in several file formats. It makes handling our callings in the church so much easier when we all share our talents.

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