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Lesson 24

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Blessings tree

4. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

5. Blessings Box

6. Have the class create and briefly dramatize a situation where a group receives a service, but only one person gives thanks. E.g., At the end of a lesson, only one student thanks the teacher. Upon arriving at the soccer field, only one of the team members thanks the driver. At the end of the party, only one pauses to thank the hostess. At the end of the game, only one thanks the coach. At the end of a meal, only one thanks the cook. Ask the children which scripture story these situations remind them of.  Point out that we want to be like the “one” who came back and gave thanks. The Lord wants us to be thankful because it is right and because He knows that we will be happier if we have a grateful heart. If time allows, have each class replay their situations, with every child saying thank you.  (Idea from November 1998 Friend

7. Ten Lepers Crossword Puzzle  

8. Coloring Page from November 2007 Friend

9. Invite classes to pantomime blessings they are thankful for, and allow others to guess what is being portrayed.

10. Blessings of every color

11. Count your blessings

12. Thanks to our Father by Diane Brown

13. Happy Clean Living

14. My Uni-Verse

15. Gratitude Binoculars by Jessica Leyvas

16. Tammy Brown writes, "I came across this website and will use this activity for my 3-4 yr olds. It will go well with the Primary manual 2 lessons 24 (gratitude) AND 25 (saying thank you) since they both mention this story." (ga07212012)

17. Gratitude Tree from November 2013 Friend

18. The Ten Lepers (video clip)

19. Laughing and Losing It

20. I Can show Gratitude by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

21. Fingerplay story - (Idea from Kindergarten Sabbath School Program) You will need small white self-adhesive dots (found in office supply sections of stores).  The children will use their fingers in a little finger play that tells the story.  Before beginning the finger-play have each child put 2-3 white adhesive dots on each finger.  Now each finger represents one of the ten lepers in the story.

     (All children tuck both hands behind their back)
     One day in a town around Palestine, along came Jesus healing the sick and the blind

     (Have children bring hands out from behind their backs and put one finger up at a time.)
     As He was leaving now what did He see?

     One man, two men, no, there's three
     Four five, six, seven, eight, nine ten
     Would the number of men never end?

     But something is wrong, just look at these men
     They're crying and pointing at their white-spotted skin
     (Have fingers point at each other)

     Jesus looks on in pity with love in His eyes
     and moves closer to them to everyone's surprise
     He tells them to go show themselves to the priest
     And away they go in very great haste.
     (Hide hands behind back again)

     As they were running they looked at their sores
     And discovered the sores were no longer more.
     (Peel the stickers off the fingers and throw them away)

     (Bring one finger back up)
     And one thankful leper remembered to say,
     Thank-you to Jesus before he went on his way.
     Although Jesus loves us and always He will
     To hear us say thank-you is for Him still a thrill.





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