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Lesson 20

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Mini Scriptures and Treasure Chest - Jacki writes, "I recently made mini scriptures and treasure chests (from the Friend) for the primary lesson "Jesus Christs teachings are a treasure".  I made them ahead of time, then hid a box of the chests and books outside our building, our last 10 minutes was walking around the building looking for them. Then they each took a set home to read to their stuffed animals."

4. Gifts of the Spirit Treasure Chest - Have each child make their own treasure chest and cut out each of the six treasures to go in their chest.  Challenge them to look up their scriptures with their family if you don't have time to do it as a class. (Taken from the June 2000 Friend Magazine)

5. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

6. Treasure Chest and Gems by Natalie Hill

7. Beatitude Jewels by Ruth Geitgey

8. You could let each child make their own scriptures (to represent the scriptures) similar to these pictures:

* You can see a photo of another version of this craft by clicking here.

For each set of scriptures, you'd need: red ribbon, two mini chocolate candy bars (like Hershey Treasures or something similar), a square piece of cardstock to place scriptures on (see above picture), scotch tape and strip of paper (you can leave this blank and let the children write on them or you can print 'The teachings of Jesus Christ are a great treasure')."

9. "I used the yellow treasure chest posted by Natalie Hill, printed on cardstock.  For the treasures inside, I used these pictures from the lesson that the children colored and cut out." (Idea shared by Kami Stewart / ga06042012)

10.  My Uni-Verse: Treasuring the Gospel

11. Happy Clean Living

12. Lesson Helps from

13. Chicken Scratch n' Sniff

14. Laughing and Losing It

15.  The Teachings of Jesus Christ are a Great Treasure by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

16. I teach the 5 year olds. I like giving them something they can take home every week to share with their families.  I went to my local party supply store and found these treasure chests that pop out. I went to Deseret Book and found small pictures of each example they go over in the lesson (all pictures can be found online also). I printed off a picture of a dove to represent the Holy Ghost being present at Jesus' baptism. All pictures fit inside the treasure chests. I also included a telescope to "seek the Lord" in our daily lives.  I printed off part of the lesson that matched the pictures and put those inside as well so the families can go over the lesson and pictures together.  (I hope this can help someone who needs a little help thinking outside the box with their class!)  (Idea by Sarah A. Reber / ga05192012)

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