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Katie writes, "For this lesson, I made a simple handout which says "There is no time to wait, only time to prepare." - [pdf] [Word]

I also made a handout that lists the temple questions that are in the manual. I want the girls to fill in the answers as we talk about each one so they can have the answers to take home. - [pdf] [Word]

I like having lots of ideas for my lesson, so I thought I'd share some of my ideas for how I will be teaching this lesson just in case someone else could use them.

My lesson outline - [pdf] [Word].  I took quotes from different sources, including "Guardians of Virtue" given by Elaine Dalton in April 2011 YW General Conference Meeting and "For Strength of Youth". My outline has some of my own thoughts and other ideas of what I am going to do in my lesson. I thought this might give some other people some more ideas.  Also, here is my temple cutout handout that I am going to use in my lesson.

In my lesson, I want to cover 4 different topics:

1. Why are temples so important? Why do we talk about temples so much?

- I'm going to use a talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson called "Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings" to answer these questions.

- I'm also going to talk about how President Hinckley had 42 temples built in the year 2000 and how President Hunter, before him, had focused so much on every member being temple worthy and holding a temple recommend. 

2. Temple Recommends

- I'm going to use the "Driver's License and Temple Recommend" attention getter that Cindee posted. I think it's a great analogy that I think the girls can relate to.

- I'm going to have the Bishop come and talk about the interview questions and also use some quotes from Elder Nelson's talk again. I want the Bishop to also talk about what the interview questions actually mean, too, since we've noticed that some of our girls aren't quite sure what the interview questions are sometimes asking.

3. Preparing for the Temple

- I'm going to have the girls each write down on a slip of paper what they can do to prepare now to attend the temple. We'll tape these to the board and then talk about additional things they can do. I am going to use a list from the New Era May 2000 "Idea List: I'm Going There Someday" along with other things the manual talks about and other things I've thought of, like putting yourself in good settings/situations where you won't compromise your standards, doing baptisms for the dead as often as possible so you will feel more comfortable in the temple and increase your testimony of temple work, taking a temple preparation class, surrounding yourself with good people who live the standards and are also striving to go to the temple, dating temple worthy boys after you turn 16, choosing now to be worthy to go to the temple (setting that as your goal now), keeping your baptismal covenants, doing personal progress, attending church and church activities where you can learn more about the temple, and keeping the commandments.

4. Questions about the Temple

- I'm just going to go through the questions in the manual with the handout I have and have the girls read the quotes in the manual along with some quotes from President Nelson's talk. I'm also going to have a temple worker from our ward come in and share her thoughts and experiences with helping girls go through the temple for the first time and any advice she has for them as they come to the temple for the first time. 

- I'm going to end by showing the FHE Video mentioned in the manual.

- I thought it might be nice, too, to have everyone sing "I Love to See the Temple" as the opening or closing song.  I hope this helps someone out there!"

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