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Lesson 19

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

4. Circle Activity and cards by Whitney Garrett

5. Jesus Loves Me Game by Laree Ipson

6. Matt and Mandy

7. (Story) A, B, C, Jesus Loves Me

8. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me (Puzzle) by Melanie Day

9. Happy Clean Living

10. Lesson Helps from

Comments (4)
  • s.kimber

    Thank you for your wonderful site and all the helps you share :-)

  • j. grue

    love this site, makes primary lesso/ns so much easier. thanks too everyone :-)

  • Jessica6418

    My husband and I are primary workers and we took the children out for a nature walk around the church since it was nice out. We had them point out plants or animals they saw or heard that they liked and reminded them a few times during the walk that these are all things Christ made for us under Heavenly Father's direction to show us he loves us. We all had a great time and they love to get outside. :)

  • l. bullard

    :-) I check sugardoodle EACH week as I prepare my lessons. Thank you for all the AMAZING ideas and print outs! They are SOOO appreciated!

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