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Lesson 15

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1. Click here to share your ideas on how you'll present this lesson.

2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon 

4. Follow Jesus Christ - You could take ideas from this sharing time

5. Handout Idea - What does Jesus Christ want me to do?

6. Footprints to be used with this lesson (submitted by anonymous) - [pdf]

7. Good Shepherd Game from March 2001 Friend Magazine (scroll down once the page opens)

8. Scrambled Footprints by Shelley Nash

9. The Coat [story] [video] - Lori McDonald writes, "This is the story of Heber J. Grant giving his new coat to a boy without one.  It is from the March 2012 Friend and includes a beautiful series of illustrations about the story.  Since the Lesson Manual asks you to share this story in particular, it may be useful to have illustrations to go with it."

10. Happy Clean Living

11. Lesson Helps from

12. Laughing and Losing It

13. Come, Follow Me by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

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