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Lesson 10

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Make small lunch-bag puppets. The eyes should be under the fold of the bag so that they will appear closed when the bag is folded. This will remind the children to close their eyes while praying. Glue eyelashes along the corresponding parts of the fold. Draw a nose and smile below the fold of the bag, and eyelids and eyebrows on the top of the fold. A small heart could be drawn under the smile to remind the children that praying will make them feel good; ears could be placed on the sides of the bag to remind the children to listen for answers to their prayers. After they have assembled their puppets, have them use the puppets to show how a child closes his eyes before saying a prayer, then listens afterward for an answer. Remind the children that answers come in many ways.

4. Help the children prepare a kit for giving a family home evening lesson on prayer. The kit might include:

(1) These words written on a card: JESUS CHRIST SAID (3 Nephi 18:18–21).
(2) Two envelopes glued on a piece of paper. In the top envelope, place 14 beans, beads, kernels of corn, or pieces of paper. Each morning and evening when the family has family prayer, an object is moved from one envelope to the other; thus each week the family transfers the 14 objects from one envelope to the other. (This activity would work using any two containers.)
(3) They can use their prayer puppet [see suggestion 1] to use in explaining how to prepare to pray.

5. How should we talk to Heavenly Father?  Review the steps of prayer.  If possible, bring a (hinged) plastic baby doll to class.  Ask the children if they could help teach (baby's name) what we should do when we pray.  Have them show her how to bow their heads (everyone bows their heads), fold their arms and close their eyes.  Set the doll in a chair.  Let them take turns getting her read to pray. 

6. (Activity) We made Styrofoam cup phones to emphasize the importance of prayer and listening for answers. Punch a small hole in the center of the bottom of the outside of 2 cups. Insert any length of string through the outside bottom and tie double knots so the string cannot slip out of the holes. You speak into one of the cups while the listener has the other up to his ear. The string must be taunt. Mark one of the cups "pray", the other "listen".  (Idea by C.E.S. in Florida)

7. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

8. Enlarged prayer puzzles taken from the August 2004 Friend Magazine and submitted by Natalie Hill.  Natalie also suggested using the puzzle from the January 2007 Friend.  Thanks Natalie!

9. Game Idea - One idea that really helped my children was a game I made up for a FHE on prayer.  I called it prayer squares.  For a game, I made little squares (out of left over fabric but you could use paper).  Each square had a number on it - 1, 2, 3, 4.  I laid out the squares (I made four of each number) in a circle.  Then, my first child rolled the dice.  They had to move that many squares and stand on the square.  If they landed on a “3” (for example), he would have to tell me the third step of prayer is.  If the child got it right they would stay on their fabric square.  If not they had to sit down and wait for their next turn.  You can play it as long as time allows. (by Melanie Day)

Friendship Rings - This would be a fun idea if you have some craft foam hearts and pipe cleaner.  Have them either make the friendship rings or just have them ready to give.  Tell them that when they see their rings, that it can be a reminder to them that Heavenly Father loves them a lot and wants to hear their prayers.

11. Scripture and Prayer Chart

12. Prayer is like a sandwich by Steve and Jacy Ostler 

13. Prayer is an important part of the gospel (coloring sheet) by Lori Willis

14.  I can talk to my Heavenly Father by Kate (coloring sheet)

15. Happy Clean Living
16. Laughing and Losing It

17. Chicken Scratch 'n Sniff

18. Anonymous writes, ""I used the poem that I found here, put a border around it and will be giving it to the children in my class to take home."  [pdf] (ga03072014)

19. I can speak with Heavenly Father in Prayer by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

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