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Lesson 9

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Lesson Helps from

4. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

5. Story - Teagan's Question

6. Teach your class the song, "Jesus Once Was A Little Child".   

Have the children stand and do the actions to the following activity verse (taken from the Primary 1 Lesson Manual).  Explain that Jesus was once a little child and He loves us too.

Jesus Loves Little Children

Some children ran down a dusty street (run in place),
Hurrying fast on their little feet (point to feet),
Through the crowd to find a place (pretend to push through a crowd)
Close to Jesus, to see his face (stand on tiptoe and look around).
Some grown-ups said, “Send them away” (hold hand out as if saying “stop”).
“He is too busy for children today” (frown and shake head).
But Jesus said, “Let them come unto me” (beckon with hands).
“They are important and are loved by me” (hug self).

(Adapted from Margaretta Harmon in Bible Story Finger Plays and Action Rhymes [Cincinnati, Ohio: Standard Publishing, 1964], p. 27.)

8. I plan on using this handout.  This picture/scripture story from the Friend Magazine is a great visual for the children.  I am also going to measure the children with individual measuring tapes, mark off their heights (put their name and date on it), and have them write on the front of it....   "Dear Jesus, help me grow more and more in Your favor everyday."  And I will have written on the back of the tape....  Luke 2:40, "And the Child continued to grow and became strong, increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him".  (Idea by Amy Goodwin / ga02292008)

9. Boy Jesus - I plan to make a scroll by cutting the paper into thirds, gluing the pieces together in order and then taping them to two popsicle sticks.  The pictures come from the Oct 2000 Friend.  (Idea shared by Natalie Hill / ga03012008)

10. Boy Jesus booklet - I found a link on your site for a picture story from the Friend about Christ teaching in the temple as a child.  It goes with lesson 9 from the primary 2 manual.  Anyway, I made it into a book for the children to take home.  I like this format a lot better.  (Idea shared by Shannon Rawlings / ga03082008)

11. Coloring page submitted by Kathleen / ga03082008

12. Jesus increased in wisdom and stature by Diane Brown

13. Boy Jesus Scroll by April Powell

14. Time Traveler's Primary Scavenger Hunt by Shelley Nash

15. Happy Clean Living

16. Jesus was a child like me (coloring page) by Samantha Nickeson

17. Laughing and Losing It

18. Printable Scroll Handout by Kathleen Carpenter

19. Chicken Scratch 'n Sniff

20.  Jesus Christ was a Child like Me by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

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