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Robin writes, "This Sunday for young women's we are talking about extended families (YW Lesson Manual 3, Lesson 11). I wanted to create a game for the girls that would allow them to not only get to know their family members, but also kind of serve as a family tree. The game only has 24 squares, but you can have as many family member "cards" as you want for the game. This is how I suggest playing it with more than 25 family members (Remember you need to choose the family member that your opponent will be trying to guess - place this picture face down in front of your board - refer to the picture as needed to answer questions through out the game). Since this is a 2-player game, have each player choose 25 of the same family members. Meaning each player should have the same 25 family cards on their "game board" as the other player. But they do not need to be in the same places as the other player. Place 24 of the 25 pictures inside the game "frames". The 25th picture is the one you have chosen for your opponent to guess. Then play the game as you would the original Guess Who game, except now you can use more personal questions like: "Does this person live with you?" or "Does this person have children?" or "Is this person a sibling of mom?" or "Is this person a sibling of dad?". I think this game might even make a great family home evening activity to create it or to play well as a great Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day gift! The possibilities are endless and I get excited just thinking about it!

***Bonus*** The young women could make this game to help pass off Personal Progress Individual Worth #6. I believe they will still need to make the pedigree chart for their family, but this will help them to have fun doing it. This game will also help the girls to do what President Kimball suggests: “We ought to encourage our children to know their relatives. We need to talk of them, make effort to correspond with them, visit them, join family organizations, etc.” If you have each young woman make it their own personal mission to find and track down a picture of each extended family member possible....they will each have the opportunity to get to know their extended family members.

Instructions for how to put it together:

1. Print game board (see file at top) onto the color cardstock of your choice.  ***Optional*** Laminate the game board before cutting it, this will provide durability for playing over and over again. You can also laminate the pictures.

2. Use an exacto-knife to cut around the outside of each box EXCEPT the bottom of each box. This is so that you can fold the squares up so when you have "ruled" out a family member, you can just push the square/ "frame" back down.

3. Next, use the exacto-knife to cute the inside TOP line and the inside BOTTOM line, this will make it easier for you to slide the pictures in and out of place. (I used stick figures for my pictures for now until I can get all of my families pictures put together.)

4. Cut out the pictures of your family members. They must be SINGLE pictures. Meaning you cannot have your aunt & uncle in one "frame" together...they must be in seperate frames. The size of the picture you cut may be different for the person who is making it. For example: when I print out my game board, I need to cut my pictures to measure 1.5" tall and 1.2" wide. The width of the picture needs to fit INSIDE the frame, The length of the picture needs to fit the OUTSIDE of the frame (the picture needs to be taller/longer so that the picture does not pop out of the frame.)

5. Slide pictures into each frame.

***If you don't want to make this game board, you can always go out and buy the Guess Who game and replace the game cards with your own family game cards. I just chose to make the game to save money...considering how many young women and family members I am going to be making them for :). Remember if you are making the game, you will need 2 game boards as this is a 2-player game.

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