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If you have any ideas for meaningful gifts for newly called missionaries, please post a comment below...

- "My son was given personalized stationary with his scripture on it and the temple of his area. I love to see those envelopes come every time he writes. They just used a nice creme colored paper and cut it in half (regular size 8-1/2 x 11) bought envelopes to match and found the pictures on line of the Temple!!!" (Idea by Wendy Anderson)

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  • Morgan

    We like to give an address book with stamps. The address book can then be left out/open when guests come to visit & their information can be filled in, including e-mail addresses!

  • Susan Western

    During our RS super saturday we all signed a card and made our missionaries little sacrament books. I thought that would be a great gift cause if they were teaching kids they can show them pictures. 8)

  • Nikki Tanner

    I collected one picture and a quote, message,or favorite scripture from all of our sons close friends, family, and church leaders. I had them all email the picture and message. I also took a picture of our home, our dog, his favorite place to eat, the park he has fun memories at, etc...I then made a soft back pocket book (3 X 5 size) for him to take with him on his mission so he could see those who support him at home, and also so that he can share with his companions his family and friends. I made the book online at My Publisher. They almost always have a coupon, or sale on the books. I will send it in a package that arrives the day he enters the MTC. They have same day delivery for $10 at a few different locations if you live in Utah.

  • Kerry

    A friend of mine likes to give family-member missionaries a nice copy of their priesthood lineage. She makes it just the right size for them to tuck inside their scriptures and laminates the copy for longevity.

  • jo

    you can get a missionary journal at deseret book that has a place for a before and afterphoto and i few other thing to put in for before and after

  • Wendy

    I made a pillow case with a quote and picture on it for my sister-in-law. It was small enough to take along, and you can personalize it with an uplifting quote they can think of while crying on their pillow... or whatever. I liked variations on "enter into my rest" "my burden is light" etc.

  • Ann Navarrette  - GREAT IDEA!!!


    My oldest son and his family are about to go to Tanzania Africa for 10 years. This is a beautiful idea for a Christmas gift! Thank you! Ann

  • Krystine

    Some of the best gifts that I got as a missionary were the lessons, or activities that helped me teach the gospel. There were a lot of times when we would do FHE's, and church lessons so it helped to have some different pictures, charts, and activities to help us.

  • Nancy

    When my husband went on his mission my mother-in-law made him a large laundry bag. She had people write something, advice, name, ect. in waterproof marker on the bag at his farewell. It was very useful, and made a great memento years later.

  • Joan

    This isn't really creative, but one of the most useful things given to me when I went on my mission was a bag full of those foam earplugs. You never know what noises you may need to block out so you can sleep. Years later, I gave some to my niece. She thought it was a pretty funny gift, but wrote me a few months later and said how glad she was to have them!

  • Lesley

    For my sons missionary farewell I organised a few men who had been a role model for him during his youth years, and had them write a message on the back of a "nice" old tie that meant something something to them. My son can wear those ties with pride and confidence remembering his leaders at home.

  • Claire R.

    My extended family always throws a missionary shower for the new missionary. The gifts are usually items from the missionary's list of needed supplies. The shower is a chance to spotlight the missionary, make great memories, and to help the missionary get ready to serve.

  • Candice

    My 2 favorite things have been a T book and a "remember when" book.
    T stands for testimony. So you get a big notebook (at borders they make this brown spiral bound notebook where the pages are a bit heavier that is my fave) and that missionary can have companions, mission president...really whoever, write their testimony in it. The best thing to do is to also put a picture of them by their testimony...a great idea for zone conferences where you'll be seeing everyone.
    the Remember when book is something I made for my lil sis when she served. It's a great little book to have with you at all times as a missionary so that when you're doing something and something memorable happens you can write it in your RW book. You can flip back to it and say, do you remember when we were walking down the road and passed this lady and we both turned around at the same time to hunt her down!!! it's a great place to write those funny kinds of memories that might not make it into the j...

  • Candice

    ANOTHER great idea I recently heard an elder in our ward is doing...apparently he was MR. TEXTER. You know what I'm talking about...cell phone attached to fingers. Rarely a call made, most conversations done via text message. Well, he took a couple packages of 3x5 index cards with him and while he was out tracting or doing whatever he was doing that day, he would write down on the index card what he normally might have text'd his parents. (ie. HAH! just passed a couple of old women arguing...I couldn't understand what they were saying but they sounded like a couple of chickens..)
    At the end of the week he would gather the cards he had written on that week and he would send them home.
    His parents LOVE this.

  • Amy

    While on my mission, one sister had a small hymn book someone in her ward had given her with quotes in it. I made my own, but give them to new missionaries. You always need a hymn book and the quotes are handy if you have to give an impromptu talk and don't have any materials. Many a talk came from one of those quotes.

  • Angi Fankhauser

    I made two binders(three ring for mom) slim one for Missionary to take with them). The one for the mom had small gift ideas with scripture references to go along with the gift.
    Many websites for info. on getting them ready. Also small package of tissues for the unexpected tears. Names of Places to buy "missionary" items. Many pages of how to's and where to's. The missionary one had a small cook book with easy simple but nurishing recipes, more tissues, ideas for writing home, pens with stationary. Ideas for things to take that might not be on their list.

    I gave this to the newest missionary mom in our ward and they LOVED IT!!

  • Regina Campbell

    My brother went to Venezuela and he really liked getting church stickers of temples and jesus etc. to give out the the little children there. They LOVED getting simple things like that.

  • Leslie J.

    Symbols of Zion has some amazing gifts for missionaries! They have CTR Mission Rings as well as Coins that are beautiful. These are just two out of many other appropriate gifts for newly called, already serving, or returned missionaries. They also offer quantity discounts if you call and ask. Check them out at

  • Ema Maumau
    My extended family always throws a missionary shower for the new missionary. The gifts are usually items from the missionary's list of needed supplies. The shower is a chance to spotlight the missionary, make great memories, and to help the missionary get ready to serve.

    My Family is having a Missionary Shower for my Little Sister that will leaving in a couple weeks, and Im wondering If you have any ideas for Games for the Shower???

  • Elaine L. Dransfield

    For my missionaries I have gone to all of the people who are important in his life, asked them to write a letter on paper I provide (all pages are the same), they leave room for a picture to be added to the page. I take a picture of them (individual, families, priesthood leaders) holding a sign that says We Love You. I put them all in a book for him to keep throughout his mission lest he ever feels alone or forgotten. My missionaries LOVE this.

  • BrittnyBug

    I'm getting my friend a Missionary Build-a-Bear. Also, buying a new journal and writing some of your favorite quotes from General Authorities on random pages is a good idea. Tie pins with their country's flag, pictures of their friends holding a sign with personal messages... :)

  • Guest

    There are Mission TShirts, stuffed animals and even Christmas stockings available through - These are a great idea for mom to send as a gift any time of the year.

    Probably more fun than meaningful, but fun is always good.

  • RRitter  - Missionary necklace missionary-necklace

  • Leigh

    Made my missionary a postcard pillow! He loved it!

  • Rob Caldwell  - Personalized Missionary Ties

    My wife and I sell some very nice neckties that we customize with a personal, embroidered message on the back tag of the tie. Most of the ties say something like, "Elder Smith, Argentina 2013-2015", but you can write anything you like!

  • Beau

    Missionaries love gifts that help them do their work of sharing the gospel. My site has great, easy-to-use lesson aids that are portable and durable and perfect for missionaries.

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