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Nicole writes, "Every Sunday for Young Women we have used this little beauty for our announcements (see picture on right).  Tacking it to the top of the chalk board for me (I'm 5'2") has not been so easy!    

So, my husband and I came up with this solution: a Magnet Board.  It is a piece of metal we cut and painted white.  Then, we the handy little CriCut to cut out vinyl lettering for the headings.  Then, I printed each girl's and leader's name on the cute pink paper and attached it to magnetic backing.  Then, I mod-podged the whole thing so that when the girls handle the magnets each Sunday, they won't get worn out so easily.  I also printed enough numbers (0-9) for the hymns we sing.

We store names and numbers on the back when they're not in use.  I just lean it on the bottom edge of the chalk board and it makes my life so much easier!"

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  • Stelene

    Great idea.. I would love one for our FHE nights.

  • KarenR

    Just love it. Aren't the chalkboards at church magnetized as well? So I could just make the names and numbers etc and stick on the board. Really great idea.

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