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FIG Bears Insert
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FIG Insert Complete Set

Esther writes, "I wanted to share these inserts I made for the Cub Scout Books.  They contain all the activities in the Faith in God book and instructions on where to insert them next to a Cub Scout requirement they correlate with.  As the boys, parents or leaders are going through the Cub Scout book, the Faith in God requirement is right there for them to see.  It is very helpful to Cub Scouts, their Parents, and Cub Scout Leaders in coordinating the Faith in God program with the Cub Scout Program."

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  • Rusty Willson

    Thanks you, thank you, thanks you! I always feel that I am either remembering to have my son work out of one but not the other. Now they are together. THANKS!

  • Carolyn

    WOW!!! The time and effort you put in to this is incredible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! What a perfect way to combine the books so that Faith in God is not forgotten. I will share this idea at our tri-stake "Little Philmont" scout training in 2 weeks. I can't thank you enough!!!

  • Amy

    SO Awesome!!! You spent a LOT of time on these and what a great tool! I am a den leader and this is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Carolyn

    This was truly INSPIRED!! Thank you again for creating these inserts. I just presented this at our tri-stake "Little Philmont" yesterday. The leaders were overjoyed to have these! They took all the copies I had prepared for them. Many of them said they would collect their cub scouts books and insert them for the boys. One CUBMASTER was inspired to attempt to do the same for Duty to God. (You didn't do that too did you?) This needs to be in EVERY boys cubscout handbook. This is a blessing! I am confident that the Faith in God program in our area will excel now. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! Carolyn Ebmeyer

  • Tanna

    can I just say I cannot believe the amount of work these took! That is amazing! Thanks just doesn't even cover it!

  • Lisa

    Thankyou for sharing this-no doubt a labor of love and a small sacrifice to help us as leaders, and to help these precious boys become men of God!

  • Melissa

    I am a Bear Den Leader in Colorado. The Cub Scout theme in April is "Faith" and as leaders we decided to do a few activities that would help the boys pass off some of the Faith In God requirements - and get them one step closer to earning their Religious Square Knot. Our Stake Primary leaders have given us a "Coordinating the Faith in God Program with the Cub Scout Program" handout, which is helpful, but this is above and beyond. I will use doubt! Thank you for your hard work. It's obvious that you are dedicated to your calling (and it's obvious that you're talented on the computer)! Thank you!

  • LBKrafts

    These were awesome, it has made it so the parents realize they also have a few things to do and it brings it all together - a fantasic idea.

  • EmileeB

    This link does not work. Would love to have these forms.

  • alisha B

    These are wonderful.
    One thing that was a bit confusing to me was in the Webelos set. You have learn/live Gospel 1 as going with Fam 5. Is that Family member, or something else? It does not really fit with family member. I changed it to fitness 5-7, but would love to know if it was meant to go somewhere else.

    Again I love these and want to thank you for the time put into creating these.

  • Amy Rice

    Just what I needed! Thank you for your time and willingness to share with everyone. I love these!

  • Jennifer H

    Thank you for sharing this!!!

  • Kimbooly  - Cub Scout Welcome Booklet

    I have updated Laura Paulsen's Cub Scout Booklet (can be found at, and reformatted Faith in God (FiG) to parallel den handbook requirements. For instance, my FiG section is numbered, so I can say Wolf requirement 11c corellates with FiG requirement 1b.

    I also have Quick Reference sheets for each rank that show what kids can work on at home without duplicating what's been done at den meetings. Those sheets also include detailed cross-references to FiG, and the FiG section cross-references rank requirements for Religious Knot items.

    If you would like a copy, email me at If your pack happens to use ScoutTrack, let me know and I'll email you the version with the scouttrack tutorial.

  • tonya  - THANK!

    This is SO wonderful, easy to follow, organized. We are SO going to get these implemented in our scout program.

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