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Lesson 16

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 1. Primary 4 Lesson Cards

2. Pipe Cleaner Creations - Have each class member take a few pipe cleaners and create Alma and Amulek.

3. Help the children memorize Alma 32:21. Then have them follow along in their scriptures as you read or tell Alma 32:27–43. Discuss the importance of planting the word of God in our hearts. Bring some gardening supplies to class with you (i.e. like a small bag of fertilizer, trowel, watering can, picture of sun, etc.), and put them into a box or bag. Have a child pick an item and tell one thing we can do to nurture the word of God by our faith in Jesus Christ (believe, keep the commandments, pray, etc.). Label each item with a word suggested by the child.  Help the children realize that this is an ongoing process.  Optional - Let them each plant a real seed that they can tend and watch grow.

4. Ask the class if they've seen the movie "The Wizard of Oz".  Ask them to describe the lion.  What was he like?  In the beginning wanting courage--the one in the end where he finds he has had it.  Also, if you can think of any people in the ward or their families that may have had an opportunity to exhibit courage like Alma and Amulek.

5. Take a piece of rope to class.  Have two of the children come up to the front of the class room and try to break the rope.  Ask why Alma and Amulek could break their ropes but that class members couldn't. 

6. Teaching LDS Children

7. Power Point Presentation by Ericka Covalt

8. Valiant Newsletter 16 by Ericka Covalt

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