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Lesson 9

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1. Primary 4 Lesson Cards

2. Lesson Helps on

3. On the chalkboard write two headings.  On one side of the chalkboard write, "Enos asked of God" and on the other side write "God Said".  Have the class find in the chapter the things Enos asked of God.  Write on the chalkboard the things they find.  Then have them find the things God said.  Write them on the chalkboard too.  Ask everyone why they think Heavenly Father. answered Enos' prayer.

4. Ask a man in your ward to come to your class dressed as "Enos".  Have him pretend to be hunting for wild beasts. Then he sees the children and starts to tell them how he has been thinking about the words of his father Jacob and how he is concerned for the welfare of his soul, and feels the need to repent, etc. Then have him ask the children if they could help show him how to pray.

5. Check your church library to see if they have this video -  Heavenly Father answers prayers (2:42 min)

6. Prayer Handout Ideas

7. You could have your class make prayer rocks and give them the following poem.

8. I think after reading and telling the story of Enos, we are going to focus on the concept of praying for others. This is always a good one to learn early, and as an adult I find I could use a reminder.  Some things we might cover:  asking the children who they think prays for them, asking who they pray for, asking what the effect is of praying for others (both parties benefit and receive blessings), sharing a personal example from my life, looking up places in the scriptures when someone prayed for someone else, especially Jesus in 3 Nephi, sharing a current conference talk from President Hinckley in which he mentioned praying for the Church, making "Prayer in Progress" door hangers or something like that.  (Idea shared by Kari Hickman / ga02262008)

9. Connecting to the Word

10. Teaching LDS Children

11. Enos repents - maybe this will give you some ideas

12. Valiant Newsletter by Ericka Covalt

13. Valiant Newsletter by Remy Burnham

14. PowerPoint Presentation by Ericka Covalt

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