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Angela writes, "I have seen cute scrabble tile neclaces and we are making some for christmas presents for our YW.  I am pretty new to Adobe Elements but did create this 0.75 x 0.75 inch file for the tile placement. 

Cut shapes to fit scrabble pieces (purchased bag of 70 pieces at Sierra's Crafts store about $3.99).  I used Enviro-tex to create the top layer.  You can also purchase a product called Diamond Glaze, no mixing, very easy to use and I would recommend it.  The Enviro-Tex has to be mixed together and what you don't use, you waste.  Diamond Glaze comes in a bottle with a thin neck applicator tip.  Works great.

I found neclace "bales" at the craft store but unfortunately they didn't have the "loop" needed to run the chain through, so we had to use jump rings through the hole in the bale and then ran ball-chain through it."

*** Also, here is a great tutorial from Make and Takes on how to make scrabble necklaces.

Comments (13)
  • Emma

    Can yo show a picture of your back connections?

  • Katrina Whetten

    I have done these before. I also found that using Dominoes is really fun, it gives you a little more space. When I do the dominoes I like to attach an eye hook on the two top corners I seal with J.W.'s right-step clear varnish it comes in both glass and matte and is washable. The dominoes also give you the option to leave a black frame effect, and usually have ornate backs that are very pretty.

  • Renee

    My sister jsut gave me and some of my friends CTR tile necklaces. They are so cute! It would be fun to make for the young women in our Branch. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tawna

    Thank you so much for sharing! Great for new beginnings!

  • Rochelle

    I got "bales" at and you can get 30 of them for around $5-$6. Much easier than jump rings, and cheaper than at the craft store. You will just have to plan ahead!!

  • Gerilyn

    Great glad you are my sister. I should have had you show me one when I was down at Christmas. I am going to show this to my presidency and maybe hand them out at New Beginnings.....Thanks. Love ya.

  • Kathryn

    I've posted a comment on the "here" link listed above. It was too long for this comment section, BUT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION based on my experience using the Enviro-Tex Lite product. I had to throw out a whole batch of these scrabble tiles and start all over again after calling the Enviro-Tex company. See comment called Kathryn dated 1-7-2011.

  • Mindy Maxwell

    The glaze must set for several hours without being disturbed, so if you wanted to do this for YW Camp, you might want to use Resin Glaze Drops, which is a clear domed resin sticker to lay over the top, instead of applying glaze to the image, and it's faster and easier. Here is one place to get them: glaze-drops-for-bottle-caps.html You have to press them down really hard. You can also get the bails and necklaces at this website. I have ordered from here several times and Gina is great to work with.

  • Lindsey

    I love the idea and I was wondering what you use on the edges to make it look like that? I tried ink but it doesn't look the same...

  • Lindsey

    I love this and I was wondering what you used to make the edges the way they are? I tried ink but it didn't look as good.

  • Robyn

    Love it! What kind/color of paper did you (or anyone else who has made these)use?

  • Todd Wikstrom

    I am new to photo elements. Would you be able to walk me through on how to get your cute picture onto a printable paper using photo elements? Thanks!

  • laciej

    Any possibility you would be willing to make a PDF for the 2012 theme??? We are making these for the girls for their birthdays for next year and I am not sure where to even start for the perfect size, the ones you made above were perfect!!!

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