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Marci Coombs

12 Ways of Christmas Gift by Ami Bartholomew

I am giving my girls those jumbo peppermint sticks (also crook'less!) for Christmas and attaching a little card that says something like, "This peppermint stick is to remind you to "STICK TO IT" on your Personal Progress! The holiday season is the perfect time to feel the SWEETNESS of setting and achieving some great goals!" (Credit Unknown)

Printable from Holy Handouts

 LDS YW 12 Days of Christmas printables

 Popcorn Christmas Wrapper by Tara Larsen 

 Shores of Galilee Christmas Ornament by Wendy Gardiner 

 Baby Jesus Craft

 Personal Progress Packet by M'Shelle Dixon

 Value Bracelet by Megan Strong

 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments by Amy Parr

I bought each girl a pair of those cheap stretchy gloves and I am attaching the saying, "If all that you gave was the gift of pure love it would fit everyone like a hand in a glove." (Idea by Sally Sansom)

Scripture Candle

 For Christmas we gave the Young Women really cute knit scarves that I found at the Dollar Store. We folded them up and put a tag on that said: "Wrap" yourself up in the spirit of Christmas. It was really cheap and they were so cute. The girls loved them!  (Idea shared by Kim Weinreb / ga01202008)

 We gave a flannel pillowcase rolled up with a ribbon and bell attached with a cute tag that read" When on this pillow if you can't sleep, talk to the Shepherd, don't count sheep!" On the back of the tag was the following: In olden times, a bell was placed around the neck of sheep so that the shepherd could hear his sheep and know where to find them. Our Savior, even Jesus, The Christ, is that Shepherd. Merry Christmas, We made the pillowcases from full size sheet sets, we could get 12 out of a set (Target 50% off) They are a winter scene with snowflakes. We thought a winter theme was better then Christmas print, because they could use them after the holidays. (Idea by Teri)

 Things "UNO" by Tina Dew

 Christmas Socks Tag/Poem

 Glass Ornaments - (Idea by Diane) I did an ornament last year that was a clear glass ornament. Add sand and a few sea shells (found at most craft stores).   The poem we used was: "When you see this ornament on your tree, think of He who walked the shores of Galilee and said: "Come Follow Me."  They turned out great, and weren't hard to do.

 One year we made the girls scarves out of polar fleece.  We just cut a strip and cut the ends to look like fringe.  No sewing required and they turned out quite cute.  If you start looking early you can get the fleece on sale and get a really good deal.  Then we rolled them up, tied them with ribbon, printed out a little card and put a treat to go with it.  The girls seemed to really like them.  (Idea by JaLee Cheatham)

 Glass Ornaments- (Idea by Melissa)  Take a clear, glass ornament. add some sand, a nail, and a thorn. The sand to symbolize Jesus' footprints in the sand, the thorn for the crown He wore, the nail for His nail-pierced hands and feet.  Attach this simple poem: "The next time you wander, leaving footprints behind...remember our Savior, who gave his life for mankind."

 A few years ago when I was serving in Primary, we gave the teachers glass ball ornaments partially filled with sand and a few shells, and I tied a little paper on it that said "when you see this ornament on your Christmas tree, remember Him who walked the shores of Galilee".  I need to run this idea by my YW presidency but I'm thinking of doing this for our YW.  I have some glass ball ornaments, and lots of shells left from that project so all I'd have to get is the sand. (Idea by Merilee Swain)

 Jesus Block by Janet Harward

 We are giving the girls white "stocking" ornaments.  We're just cutting a small (4") stocking shape out of white felt and adding a small strip of silver trim with fabric glue.  We'll put a small hook in it to so they can hang it on their Christmas tree.  Inside we'll put a small rolled-up blank piece of paper.  We will share some words from the message by Jeffrey R. Holland about how Christmas doesn't come from a store and then explain that before the girls hang their white stocking, they need to think about what special gift they can give to the Savior throughout the year.  They write down their gift, roll the paper up and place it in the stocking.  It's a spin on and old family tradition.  In my family (as in others, I'm sure) we have a beautiful large white stocking that is hand embroidered with pearls and silver trimmings.  We hang it on our fireplace mantle with our other stockings.  On Christmas Eve we open the stocking and pull out sealed envelopes placed there the year before.  Each one of us opens the one with our own name on it.  We read what we wrote down as our gift to the Savior the year before.  We quietly ponder our efforts and decide what gift we will personally give this year.  We write down our gift and seal it in an envelope with our name on the outside and place it back in the stocking.  If we want to, we share our triumphs or recommitments.  We really love this tradition and it genuinely gives us an opportunity to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas."  (Idea by Vonda Dastrup)

 We try to give a Christmas Ornament each year. This is to help them build up their own inventory for when they leave home. One year we did a clear ball with a picture of the Savior printed on transparency paper and inserted in the clear ball. Another year we did a sock that had the word Jesus on the outside and paper strips in the sock. They were to write down anything they thought of or did related to the Savior on the strips of paper and put them in the sock. They were to pack the sock away and when decorating the tree the next year, before they put the sock on the tree, they were to read the strips from the previous year. This year we are going to give them an ornament with the word Believe on it. This is because our Young Women in Excellence was entitled "Live Like You Believe". It will also help them remember the theme for next year which is the 13th article of faith. One year when I wasn't in YW, they gave small Nativity sets. Both my daughter's liked that too!  (Idea by Paige in California)

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