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Attach the following saying to some type of bread item or cupcake: "The scriptures are meant to bread, for daily use, not like a cake for special occasions."
Buy an individual sized box of Boston Baked Beans for each girl.  Glue a piece of black construction paper to cover the top, one side and the bottom of each box.  Then with a white gel pen, write on the top "Holy Scriptures" and on the bottom write "Have you discovered the Holy Scriptures?  Do you know what each one means?  Is your head full of knowledge or just full of beans?"
 Crafting is contagious!
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 Jelly Bean and scripture handout by Nancy Hobson
Little Miss Suzy Q
 Quote by Howard W. Hunter
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 The scriptures are a treasure

Comments (2)
  • Jennifer J.

    I attached a Reese's peanut butter cup to a quote that says: Scripture Study Inc"Reeses" knowledge.

  • Kim H.

    I loved this lesson and needed this reminder of how important it is to read and study the scriptures! That is why I have decided to take on the Facebook challenge and read the Book of Mormon starting September 1 and finish December 31. I am also encouraging my young women to do the same. If you click on this link or try this link note_id=268337676515260 (hopefully one of them works) you can print off a copy of the reading schedule. I am also giving them a copy of the Book of Mormon which I got from our local missionaries and encouraging the girls when they finish reading the Book of Mormon to write their testimonies in the book and give it away to a non member or someone that is less active. Such a great lesson!

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