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There are several lessons in the manual that require sensativity, this being one of them.  Some of your girls may have home situations that may lack the priesthood or even a father.  Perhaps teach the lesson with the approach of what the young woman wants in a husband and father instead of their own fathers.
 Crafting is contagious!
 Green Jello with Carrots
 I have quite a few fortune cookies left over from a conference we had here at work. I steamed them open, removed the existing fortune, and replaced it with a new one that reads: "How FORTUNATE you are to have the priesthood to bless your life forever and ever!"  (Credit Unknown)  Additional Idea:  You could place the cookies in little Chinese take-out boxes and tie them with a little raffia.  (Idea by Joyce Terry)
 Steadfast and Immovable  
 Tales of a Trophy Wife
 Thank you boxes by Stephanie Brackett 
YW Believe


 Amy's Priesthood Lesson Outline
 "I taught this lesson last week.  I taught the lesson as outlined then at the end I asked the girls if they were ever jealous or felt bad that the men had the priesthood and the women did not.  Many of them responded that yes they felt a little cheated.  I then asked them to consider what the men got out of holding the Priesthood.  Some answered leadership, I explained that women also had responsibilities of leadership.  Then one said well they get blessings,  I said, do they?  They cannot use the priesthood on themselves, so they cannot bless themselves.  They do get blessings for serving others with their priesthood, right?  The same goes for women, we are blessed when we serve others.  I hope this made them realize that it cannot be used to make one better, but to help others. For my object lesson, I gave each girl a Peanut Butter cookie, the ones with the Reese's inside and told them that they could have but they were to give it to someone else in need.  Just like the Priesthood.  Some of them asked if they could give it to each other and I told them I wanted them to give it to a Priesthood holder who they appreciated or if they knew of someone else struggling they could give it to them.  After church I saw many appreciative Dad's, brothers and others walking around with the cookies. (Idea shared by Tiffany Rigby / LDS YW Yahoo Group)
Lesson Helps from Debanae
 Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection
 This is a link to a talk given by Julie Beck at a BYU Women's Conference.  It has GREAT stuff relating to the priesthood...the whole talk is outstanding. (Idea shared by Michelle)


 Blessings of the Priesthood by Robert D. Hales

PERSONAL PROGRESS HELPS:  These Personal Progress Goals pertain to the lesson.  You could encourage the girls to work on one of these goals in the coming week.

 Integrity 7, Divine Nature 3, Divine Nature 5, Knowledge 4, Good Works 1.


 Lesson 13 Handout from Jack and Jill of *many* trades


 Priesthood Authority in the Family and the Church by Dallin H. Oaks
 “Priesthood, Keys, and the Power to Bless,”  Ensign, Nov. 2003, 50 - You could share Elder Bateman’s story instead of the case studies.

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