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by Lisa Smith of Lisa's Recipe Cards / ga08142010

Lisa writes, "I love the idea of making s'more, but can pass on eating them.  TOO messy and sticky for me and my kids.  AND living in Las Vegas, we don't get too may opportunities to start a camp fire and roast marshmallows.  I am sure if I left all the ingredients out in the sun today they would roast in no time without the fire. 

Anyways, my sister passed this recipe idea along to me and I am sure glad she did.  This is a great recipe to make with the kids.  I am the chocolate dipper, and my kids are the graham cracker rollers.  These pops are great to take to parties and easy to eat.  Just pop one in your mouth.  They are my go to treat whenever we have a play date or church activity where I am to bring a snack."  (If you'd like Lisa's adorable recipe card, click here


 Graham cracker crumbs
 Large marshmallows
 Chocolate bark
 Sucker sticks

Melt the chocolate bark in a coffee mug in the microwave until melted (30 second intervals).  Stick the sucker sticks into the large marshmallows, then dip into the melted bark.  Twist the sucker stick between your fingers multiple times to help get all the excess chocolate off the marshmallow.  Roll in graham cracker crumbs and stick into floral foam to set.

Prep time: 5 minutes
Servings: As many as you'd like

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