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Mad Libs
by Heather Beck / ga02242007


We did this game a few weeks ago for our Winter Retreat with the Beehives. Everyone gets a sheet of paper and writes -


Then fold it over about 2 inches so you can no longer see the word "Who".  Then write - 
Fold paper again.  Then write -

Then fold it again.  Then write -

After you've written the words, Who, What, Where and Why, you start filling them in.  So, everyone fills in the "Who" part together.  Then everyone passes their paper to the right or left (doesn't matter) and without seeing what the previous person wrote, everyone fills out the "What" part together and so on and so forth.  You come up with some funny "stories" and the girls laughed and laughed all night. Kind of a homemade version of Mad Libs, I guess.

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