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Jessica writes, "Just wanted to share what we did for our Young Women in Excellence last week.  Our theme was "Women of Virtue" - a variation of a few different ideas we found on your website. 

After the opening song, prayer, and YW theme, I as the young women's president spoke on becoming virtuous women and then the girls gave a short program with the attached script.  We had each girl either dress in biblical costumes or bring a prop that represented the different woman or young women value.  The bishop then gave remarks which included comments he received ahead of time from the parents about examples of when their daughters were virtuous and excellent.  After the bishop spoke, we handed out personal progress awards which included a certificate and sugar cookie (pic attached).  We even had one girl finish 7 values this year and got all awards but virtue!  For the closing song our young women and young women leaders sang "Come Hold Your Torches High" (found at the distribution center).  After the closing prayer we went to a separate room where the girls had displayed various projects they worked on this year for personal progress and had refreshments.

We also had the girls write down an example of a virtuous woman and why and typed them up to put inside the program.  We had a display of different women in the scriptures or church history who exemplified virtue... (see the collage below).

The night was a success and really not that hard to put together.  I felt a need to end the year talking about virtue since that has been a focus of ours all year.  The spirit was strong and I was very proud of our amazing young women!"

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