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PURPOSE OF THIS LESSON - To help each child have the desire to forgive others.

1. Primary 6 Lesson Cards by Letitia Drabsch - Handout Idea

2.  Video Clip - Play the following video clip on Joseph's Brothers in Egypt  if time permits.  Running Time (2:12)

3. The story of Joseph's Brothers in Egypt from

4. Draw and cut out a large paper heart and put it on the chalkboard.  Cut a piece of paper into three puzzle pieces and place them on the bulletin board over the heart.  Ask the class to name some of the things they think Joseph did for his parents and brothers.  After each thing is named, ask a child to remove a puzzle piece.  Talk about the idea that Joseph loved his brothers even after they sold him.

5. Bring two pictures of yourself to of you as a child and one of you as an adult.  Show the pictures to the class and talk about how people change as they get older.  Help them understand that Joseph changed so much while he was in Egypt that his brothers did not recognize him. 

6. REVIEW - Draw a similar game board on the chalkboard (or you could draw each one on a half piece of paper and tape them to the chalkboard).  Have the whole class be one team (Team Joseph).  Ask them seven questions from the lesson and see if they can work their way through the story.  You can use this game to review that last few lessons on Joseph.  Make up your own rules and get creative!

7. Joseph Forgives His Brothers by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

8. Joseph Forgives His Brothers by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point Presentation

9. Primary 6 Passport Booklet by Melanie Day

10. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson - [pdf] [Word]  Cryptogram solution:  Heavenly Father wants us to forgive so we can be free of those angry feelings and enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

11. In reference of the purpose to this lesson, forgiveness, it illustrates the Trials of our Lord who is the greatest example of them all.  At the end of this slideshow [pdf], I played the video "For God So Loved the World" from (Shared by Rhonda Ferranti / ga05282014)

12. Chicken Scratch n' Sniff

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